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The Telecom Council introduces startups and innovation to global telcos and major telecom vendors who are dedicated to partnering with new companies, investing in new technologies, and exploring new market opportunities.

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Innovation Review: February 2022

Virtual Meeting Room
Feb 8, 2022 8:30-10:30 PT

Telecom Council members meet monthly to meet startups, discover new case studies, exchange knowledge, and support new and existing partnerships across the innovation ecosystem. 

Innovation Review on Applied 5G 

Onsite in Silicon Valley and Online
Mar 8, 2022 8:30-11:30 PT

5G has moved beyond theory into the practical realm. Although not yet ubiquitous, we can now see the early practical uses of 5G networks. Our dual access meeting will discuss how 5G is being used and introduce innovators offering solutions built on a 5G platform. Join Telecom Council members and guests onsite in Silicon Valley or online in our virtual meeting room to learn how 5G is being put to work. 

Innovation Showcase 2022

Onsite in Silicon Valley and Online
May 10, 2022 8:30-16:30 PT

Online MatchMaker Meetings
May 11, 2022 7:00-19:00 PT

Join Telecom Council members, and the vendors and investors that support innovation across the communications industry as we introduce the young companies named as the Innovation Showcase Class of 2022.  

Through regular meetings in-person in Silicon Valley and online for remote attendees, curated introductions, in-person and online demos, live and stored startup presentations, and corporate matchmaking, with the occasional marketing opportunity mixed in, everyone from global telcos and T1 telecom vendors to seed-funded startups can get involved.