Telecom Council members select a few exceptional young telecom and networking companies working on the future of communications and meet them for a day of pitches, demos, MatchMaker meetings and networking.

Demo Day registration is open. Corporate tech scouts, investors, and new technology companies pushing the envelope of innovation in the communications sector join for a full day of presentations, demos, and private MatchMaker meetings between startups, scaleups, telcos, and telecom vendors pushing the cutting edge of communications. 

Innovation Showcase Demo Day

Sept 22, 2023 in Silicon Valley, CA

Join the Telecom Council community to review the Class of 2023, watch their pitches live on Demo Day, and set aside time to meet the telco tech scouts, vendor partners, and communications industry investors who are committed to discovering the next set of innovation partners for the telecom industry.

Join Telecom Council members, telco tech scouts, strategy executives from telecom vendors, and communications investors to meet the Class of 2023 over a full day of presentations, introductions, demos and private MatchMaker Meetings.

Register now for the 13th Annual Demo Day on Sept 22 at SK Telecom in Silicon Valley

The Class of 2023 companies along with Innovation Showcase Alumni from previous classes are invited to Demo Day on September 22nd to take advantage of a private audience with our telco tech scouts. 

Participating companies can take advantage of Telecom Council's private, in-person MatchMaker Meeting Service for pre-arranged 1:1 introductory meetings with telcos, vendors, and investors with matching business interests.  For participating companies, extra MatchMaker meetings will also available online after Demo Day.

The agenda for Demo Day includes:

  • Presentations: A packed morning of in-person presentations to an audience of telecom tech scouts and communications investors who will have questions and feedback.
  • Demo/Meeting Tables: In-room meeting tables give attendees and members an option to connect with the presenters for demos, follow up, and private conversations
  • Private Introductions: Pre-scheduled MatchMaker Meetings are included for all Class of 2023 winners and Telecom Council members. The MatchMaker is available for other attendees to arrange private meetings between you and matching BD, tech, strategy, and VC representatives arranged by our MatchMaker Meeting Service

Sign up for the MatchMaker Service to Meet our Judges

Speed Dating For Telcos, Vendors, Investors and Startups

Telecom Council's MatchMaker Meeting Service is a high paced, high value, speed dating opportunity for companies looking to engage with our telco community. During the Innovation Showcase, our MatchMaker facilitates hundreds of private discussions between companies with mutual interest.

Companies create their own profiles and reach out for meetings in the 2 weeks prior to the event with guidance and assistance from the Telecom Council team throughout the process, managing feedback and follow up to meeting requests, to smooth the way for companies to best fill their schedule.

On the 22nd, these pre-arranged, 15-minute meetings follow the startup presentations at dedicated tables and may continue in live video calls on the 25th. After the event, our team continues to work with the telcos and MatchMaker participants to help with rescheduling missed meetings and making future introductions on behalf of our members.