Join Telecom Council members, telcos representing over 3B customers across 20 countries, and the vendors and startups investing in the future of the communications industry who meet in Silicon Valley to discover new technologies and new companies through case studies, tech pitches, demos, and private introductions

  • Date: 5/8/2024 08:30 AM
  • Location SRI International, Ravenswood Avenue, Menlo Park, CA, USA (Map)
  • More Info: Remote Access available to Telecom Council members




Telecom Talks is Telecom Council's 2024 annual summit and draws a select group of telcos, telecom vendors, and communications startups from around the world to Silicon Valley to talk about the technologies impacting the telecom industry, the networks, and subscribers.  


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Telecom Talks is specifically designed to introduce innovative companies to global carriers, telecom vendors, and communications investors in an environment that promotes open and meaningful discussions. Telco tech scouts actively participate each year as speakers, segment leaders, and BD MatchMakers to discover new technologies that address their known business needs or uncover a need they might not have yet identified. 

Startups and Scaleups use Telecom Council’s annual summit to start and develop partnerships with active and supportive global telcos. Whether you are looking to introduce your company to several new potential partners or validating your position as a market leader, available registration and sponsorship packages accommodate every budget and every marketing goal.