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Join Telecom Council members, telcos representing over 3B customers across 40 countries, and the vendors and investors that support innovation across the communications industry as they introduce their startup partners through cases studies, executive chats, rapid-fire pitches, demos, and roundtable discussions with telecom tech scouts, investors, and startups.

  • Date:3/15/2023 08:30 AM - 3/16/2023 03:30 PM
  • Location 440 North Wolfe Road, Sunnyvale, CA, USA (Map)
  • More Info:There is no online attendance option for TC3.



Silicon Valley, California, March 17, 2023/Meeting Recap/   On March 15 and 16, The Telecom Council presented it’s annual TC3 Meeting, now in it’s 14th year. TC3, or Telecom Council Carrier Connections, is a special meeting because we turn the usual pitch session upside down, and not only as the startups to pitch to the telcos and Tier 1 players in the room, but we also ask the telcos to pitch the startup community. The telcos, as with any big company, can be daunting to deal with for a startup, but some are better at working with startups than others. At TC3, we give the best of these telcos the opportunity to tell the entrepreneur community:

  • How best to work with them
  • What specific programs they have for partnering
  • How they make corporate venture investments
  • What specific technologies they are looking for over the next year

Two of the great things about hearing the telcos pitch the startups, one after another, is that you can begin to see the many similarities in how they work, and what tech they are seeking. But equally valuable is the way that you can see the slight differences between the different operators. Seeing the differences may help a startup know which network operator is the best fit for their product or solution.

Of course, we also enjoyed startup pitches to our telco audience. But 8 of the startup pitches were linked to a partnership case study. In these, one carrier would take the stage with one of the startups with which they’ve made a recent partnership. This gives our audience the opportunity to see which kind of startup biz dev efforts have worked, what are the KSF for a successful deal, and how did the relationship progress.

In total, TC3 had 8 Telco case studies, 8 startup pitches, 6 executive roundtable discussions, keynotes on 6G and Network AI over 2 days that also includes hands-on technology demos and 100s of curated MatchMaker (one-on-one) introductions. We’d like to thank all of our attendees, speakers, matchmaker participants, demo tables for contributing to the community. And a special thanks to Etc, a division of BT for sponsoring the meeting location. Also, thanks to sponsors Rhode & Schwartz, and ESET, and supporter, RCR Wireless.

For our members, you can find the presentations in our member’s library.