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Telecom Council members, forums, and forward-thinking guests end the year together thinking about the future, debating the innovations likely to influence 2020, and enjoying spending some fun time with their innovation colleagues over lunch and bocce.

  • Date: 12/19/2019 08:30 AM
  • Location Campo di Bocce, Fremont (Map)


Agenda, Attendee List and Presentations are available to members in the PRESENTATION LIBRARY


Telecom Council members met on December 19th for the last session of the year focusing their thoughts on 2020 and beyond at our Annual Predictions meeting.

Kicking off with our lighthearted look at the predictions made last year, we reviewed the questions and answers, the expected and the unexpected, and then recognized Chris Cavigioli, Strategy Planner Network Transformation at Intel and Leslie Shannon, Head of Ecosystem and Trend Scouting at Nokia for their uncanny 2020 forevision!

Moving on to what the future might hold, we introduced 3 expert speakers who shared their thoughts on Mobile Identity, LPWAN/IoT and Disinformation.  Under our usual Chatham House Rules, what’s said in a Telecom Council Member meeting stays in a Telecom Council Member meeting. Our audience and speakers exchanged lively debate on

  • what technology will emerge to reinstate trust in Internet transactions, in a growing environment of online fraud
  • how the IoT industry will move away from the traditional connectivity models
  • the challenges and concerns surrounding online privacy, data protection, and social networks and the disinformation they proliferate.

Here’s a sneak peek into the future, with the 3 most provocative predictions shared at the meeting:

  • Machines will eventually develop an identity … and demand rights.  At the rate technology evolves, the prediction of 50 years from now, probably means 20 years from now
  • LEO based satellite solutions, using unlicensed spectrum, will dominate IoT connectivity
  • Social Networks will embrace open protocols, with more control disseminated to users, which will in turn regulate disinformation.

Discussions continued over lunch and a few friendly games of bocce as we celebrated another successful year of Telecom Council collaborations and introductions.

With thanks to our speakers, Stacy Stubblefield, CoFounder at TeleSign, Hardy Schmidbauer, Senior Director at Semtech, and Mike Masnick, CEO at Copia Institute and to our members for contributing their insights, we wish you all a wonderful holiday and look forward to another great year in 2020.

As always, members can find today’s presentations in the Member Library.

Agenda, Attendee List and Presentations are available to members in the PRESENTATION LIBRARY