Telecom Council members gather online this month to meet startups, discover new case studies, and exchange knowledge and support new and existing partnerships across the innovation ecosystem.

  • Date: 10/17/2023 08:30 AM
  • Location: LG Silicon Valley Labs in Santa Clara (Map)
  • More Info: Remote Access available to Telecom Council members




Telecom Council members representing major telcos and their telecom vendor partners meet monthly in Silicon Valley to review new technologies and a handful of telecom, wireless, and IoT companies and solutions coming out of the technology industry's entrepreneurial community across the globe.


Today's agenda starts with a private member meeting to meet a few new technology companies followed by member discussion around Amazon's Sidewalk Network. Special thanks for the members who will run today's Q&A.


Startups with new technologies and innovation that rely on fixed or wireless telecom networks who are ready to scale with corporate partners and investors can apply for this or a future meeting here.


Sidewalk is a LPWAN radio network that offers free wide-area, low-bandwidth to any IoT device using a combination of BLE for short-range, & LoRa or 900 MHz for long-range to 90% of USA pops. Built by Amazon to solve for poor Wi-Fi connectivity to their doorbells and other devices, and opened up to developers on AWS in March 2023 - what does this mean for telcos?


Monthly Innovation Review meetings are closed to non-members, the public and media. Guest passes for future members may be available on a fit and capacity basis. Regular participants include tech scouts, innovation strategy, partnership executives and corporate development delegates from:

  • Mobile Network Operators
  • Fixed and Cable Network Operators 
  • Communications Equipment Vendors
  • Handset and IoT Manufacturers
  • ...AND, see the growing list of this month's registered attendees when linked above