Innovation Review: January 2022 & CES Debrief

Monthly Telecom Council member meetings bring together delegates to meet startups, discover new case studies, exchange knowledge, and support new and existing partnerships across the innovation ecosystem. This month includes a discussion around the news and announcements from CES that are relevant to network operators. Member delegates can join this meeting onsite in Silicon Valley or online in our Virtual Meeting Room.

  • Date: 1/11/2022 08:30 AM
  • Location: Silicon Valley, CA & Online (Map)
  • More Info: Also available in Telecom Council's Virtual Meeting Room

Details & Registration



Telcos and T1 telecom technology vendors from around the world gather monthly to meet a number of startups working on technologies disrupting the communications landscape. Startups and scaleups within ComTech, IoT, and networking technologies are invited to apply for one of the 15-minute interactive segments to introduce their company to the Telecom Council community.

Telecom Council members get together after major tradeshows to debrief the news and announcements affecting the industry. Next, we debrief Consumer Electronics Show 2022. Along with a Debrief Report from our analyst, our members share what they learned, what they saw, and their opinions of the products and companies that made an impression on them at the show.