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Logistics management is a vital, if not THE vital, component to business success. IoT offers a wide spectrum of products and services to smooth and improve the path from point of origin to point of consumption, monitoring conditions along the way. This meeting will introduce the opportunities and challenges around innovating in this market and we will discover some of the startups and technologies that will lead the way. Sponsored by Ericsson.

  • Date: 9/17/2020 09:00 AM
  • Location Telecom Council's Virtual Meeting Room (Map)
  • More Info: Silicon Valley CA


Thank You to Our Sponsor  


Agenda, Attendee List and Presentations are available to members in the PRESENTATION LIBRARY

Silicon Valley, California, Sep 2020/Meeting Recap/ The Telecom Council’s IoT Forum gathered in our virtual room this week for a meeting about Logistics 4.0. Although so many things seem to be different these days, the enthusiasm for IoT seems to be rising. We had an unprecedented 11 startups pitch during our Rapid Fire segment, which is a testament to the even higher number of applications we received.

Our meeting was sponsored by Ericsson, who also gave us a panel discussion, and a most interesting Case Study on a partnership with Otto Motors about the use of Otto’s AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robots) using a private 5G network inside a factory. The kicker is that the Case Study is about Ericsson eating its own dog food: The factory in question is Ericsson’s own, producing telecom equipment. We learned that, while these robots are autonomous, and are able to function safely and productively independent of any network connection, the value in what they can do increases as the connectivity improves. Once on 5G, the robots can:

  • Gather data about other pieces of equipment, acting like sensors
  • Share data among themselves to “see around corners” using their sister robots
  • Optimize routing, share congestion, re-allocate tasks

So, while 5G can be revolutionary in Logistics 4.0, it will also have many incremental value propositions.

Our online format brings a shark-tank twist to the Rapid Fire pitches with 2 member companies posing questions.  With 11 pitches, their expertise was truly tested as we heard from companies innovating in spacial awareness, LPWA, cybersecurity, public safety and process analytics to name a few.  After the meeting, we invited all presenters and attendees to join us in the Telecom Council Lounge for networking, demos and followup conversations.

A big thanks to all our presenters, our Member Panel for Q&A, and to Ericsson for sponsoring.  Members can access today’s presentations in the Member Library.

Agenda, Attendee List and Presentations are available to members in the PRESENTATION LIBRARY