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The impact of connectivity on the automotive industry is massive. But the ways cars, their owners and passengers currently connect are immature: Customers must choose one specific carrier SIMs must be programmed for a specific, region-based carrier Few pricing options are available Customer interfaces for buying connectivity are an afterthought Who pays for connectivity is not settled The Council is convinced this is about to improve quickly. Customers will soon buy cars with programmable SIM cards, their choice of carrier. They will be able to select pricing models on the car's screen, and subscribe/pay on the spot. Annual, monthly, daily…and even one-time rates will be offered. Also, customers will be able to choose which services they want to enable in their car, such as safety only, infotainment, or hotspot Wi-Fi. In our meeting about the Connected Car, we'll discuss the emerging service offerings, technologies, business models, and pricing models that consumers can choose. This meeting brings together the Telecom Council and its network operators with IOT Forum and Autotech Council members.

  • Date: 4/13/2017 08:30 AM
  • Location: Elektrobit, San Jose (Map)


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