5G has moved beyond theory into the practical realm. Although not yet ubiquitous, we can now see the early practical uses of 5G networks. Our meeting will discuss and meet with the innovators offering new solutions on the 5G platform.

  • Date: 3/8/2022 08:30 AM
  • Location: BT @Plug and Play in Sunnyvale and Online (Map)

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Telecom Council members, telco tech scouts, telecom vendors and investors review innovation coming from 5G network upgrades - including the applications, services, and case studies putting 5G to work. 

There are now many 5G networks around the world, and the real-world case studies are piling up. While the 5G coverage is nowhere close to ubiquitous (yet), early adopters are selling solutions that will become the Speakers, startups, members and attendees will spend the morning discussing how 5G is being used and discovering new companies and solutions built on the 5G platform. unicorns of the next 5 years. Join our Applied 5G meeting to discuss, and hear from the people already at the big game.

This month's meeting is open to the public and available to attend onsite in Silicon Valley or online in Telecom Council's virtual meeting room.