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Telecom Council members debrief the news and announcements from MWC led by industry analyst Derek Kerton.

  • Date:3/8/2017 12:00 PM
  • Location Citrix Santa Clara, CA (Map)


Agenda, Attendee List and our Analyst's Debrief Report are available to members in the PRESENTATION LIBRARY

Silicon Valley, California, MAR 2017/ MWC just around the corner, with 40 Telecom Council members exhibiting/ Looking to network with Telecom Council members at MWC?  Click through to see the list of member companies and where you can find them on the exhibition floor.  If you can’t make it to the show this year, don’t forget we will have all the news, views, and opinions at our MWC Debrief on March 8th!

Don’t forget, all members, whether exhibiting or not, can share news on our blog as the conference approaches.  Just drop us an email and we’ll be happy to post.

ARMHall 6 Stand 6C10Hall 8.1 – App Planet Stand CC8.25
Aviat NetworksHall 2 Stand 2A6MRHall 2 Stand 2B11EMR
BTHall 4 Stand 4C28EMR
Business SwedenHall 7 Stand 7E41, Hall 7 Stand 7F41
CableLabsHall 1 Stand CC1 1.4 Tues-Thurs
Cisco SystemsHall 3 Stand 3E30Upper Walkway Stand 2UP.B29EMR
CitrixHall 5 Stand 5D31Hall 5 Stand 5M10MRHall 5 Stand 5M4MR

Hall 5 Stand 5M6MR

Hall 5 Stand 5M8MR

Cohere TechnologiesUpper Walkway Stand 2UP.B11EMRUpper Walkway Stand 2UP.B9EMR
Deutsche TelekomHall 3 Stand 3M31Hall 3 Stand OA3A.20
DlinkHall 2 Stand 2D21MR
DOCOMO InnovationsHall 1 Stand 1C39
EricssonHall 1 Stand OA1A.30Hall 2 Stand 2N62Hall 2 Stand 2O60
Federated WirelessHall 4 Stand 4B40EMR
GenbandHall 2 Stand 2I31
Hewlett PackardHall 8.1 – App Planet Stand 8.1C31Hall 3 Stand 3E11
HortonworksHall 2 Stand 2N37MR
HuaweiHall 1 Stand 1E111Hall 1 Stand 1J50Hall 1 Stand OA1.28

Hall 1 Stand OA1A.40

Hall 1 Stand OA1A.42

Hall 1 Stand OA1A.44

Hall 2 Stand 2A8EMR

Hall 3 Stand 3I30

Hall 4 Stand 4A30

InrixUpper Walkway Stand 2UP.C16EMR
IntelHall 3 Stand 3E31
InterDigitalHall 7 Stand 7C61
ItsOn Inc.Hall 8.1 – App Planet Stand CC8.24Hall 8.1 – App Planet Stand CC8.8
Juniper NetworksHall 2 Stand 2160Hall 2 Stand 2J61
LGHall 2 Stand 2K20Hall 3 Stand 3K20
Micron TechnologyUpper Walkway Stand 2UP.C40EMR
NetNumberHall 7 Stand 7F80
NokiaHall 3 Stand 3A10Hall 3 Stand 3A30Hall 3 Stand 3B10
Open Networking Lab (On.Lab)Hall 5 Stand 5I61
OracleHall 3 Stand 3B20
Orange-France TelecomHall 3 Stand 3D10
OzmoHall 8 at Fira Montjuic – 4YFN Stand F1.8
QualcommHall 3 Stand 3E10
Ruckus WirelessHall 2 Stand 2D2EMRHall 2 Stand 2D4EMRHall 2 Stand 2D6EMR

Hall 2 Stand 2D8EMR

Hall 2 Stand 2G29

Samsung ElectronicsHall 3 Stand 3I10
SemtechHall 8.0 Stand 8.0A1MR
Sony Corporation of AmericaHall 3 Stand 3M10
TelefonicaHall 3 Stand 3K21
TietoHall 7 Stand 7F41
VerizonHall 3 Stand 3D30
VMwareHall 3 Stand 3K10
Wipro TechnologiesHall 5 Stand 5C21

Agenda, Attendee List and our Analyst's Debrief Report are available to members in the PRESENTATION LIBRARY

Agenda, Attendee List and Presentations are available to members in the PRESENTATION LIBRARY