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Join ComTech Forum's telco, vendor, startup and investor members in November to discover trends, innovation and startups in Network Transformation. Leading telcos are well under way with their Digital Network Transformations. And for wireless carriers, 5G is a big impetus to update the entire network. This meeting examines the current state of Network Transformation, the available technologies, the upcoming tech, and the recent successes.

  • Date:11/16/2018 11:00 AM
  • Location HPE, Palo Alto (Map)


Agenda, Attendee List and Presentations are available to members in the PRESENTATION LIBRARY  

Silicon Valley, California, Nov 16 2018/Meeting Recap/  It was smoky week in Silicon Valley as the Camp Fire still burned in the Sierra. Although our thoughts were with those suffering from the fires, our topic was Network Transformation as we sheltered inside the relatively clean air of HPE’s Executive Briefing Center in Palo Alto.

Network transformation, occasionally also known as Digital Transformation, has been a hot topic in telecoms for a much longer stretch than most of the other technology buzzwords. In this case, it appears to be because it’s deeper than just hype, and is a very wide-ranging upheaval, of the sort that isn’t implemented in a few years, but rather a couple of decades.

We kicked off the meeting with a fantastic overview of the current phase of Network Transformation by Michael Howard of IHS Markit. Mr. Howard had lots of data, but in short, showed how Network Transformation is occurring with, and thus a driving force in 5G. He also linked it to Edge Computing, Customer Experience, automation and more. Mr. Howard’s parting caution was based on the classic model of “garbage in, garbate out” and was that network operators need to clean up their room before they put on a new coat of paint. In his own words, “Simplify, then automate.” The IHS presentation was so good, that it was frequently recalled and cited by most of the remaining speakers through the day.

The meeting also consisted of a rountable group discussion with Victor Lopez of Telefónica, and Arun Thulasi of HPE, and our usual great startup and solution provider fast pitches. We were introduced to four companies in the sector, and there had been four more in the morning’s session of pitches to network Service Providers.

Presentations are available to members in our Library.

Thanks to HPE for hosting, IHS for a great overview, all the speakers, and everyone for braving the smoke.

Agenda, Attendee List and Presentations are available to members in the PRESENTATION LIBRARY