Telecom Council meets monthly for lunch with dozens of telcos, vendors, startups and VCs. This month we will be looking at the tech, startups, solutions, and ways that network operators can win in the Cloud services market.

  • Date: 1/29/2016 12:00 PM
  • Location: Nokia, Sunnyvale CA (Map)

Agenda, Attendee List, & Presentation files available to Telecom Council members in the library.



Silicon Valley, California, Jan 2 2016/Meeting Recap/  Our Telco Cloud Services luncheon Roundtable took place at Nokia’s Sunnyvale facility hosted by Nokia Growth Partners. In it, our panelists Hans Haenlein from Ericsson, Donyel Jones-Williams from Juniper, Rotem Salomonovitch from Nuage, and Steve Fisher Electric Lightwave talked about Cloud, the telco’s role in cloud, and Telco services that could be powered by the cloud. Our panelists discussed the tools, solutions, services, and partnerships that can help network operators leverage their advantages in competing with the leading cloud providers: Amazon, Microsoft, and others.

While telcos need to compete with OTT players at the service level, and cloud will play a role in improving their agility in doing so, the big take-away from the meeting is that the biggest asset the telcos have is the network.

Let’s go back a couple of decades, to when Scott McNealy of Sun voiced “The network is the computer”. There was great wisdom in that thought. A brain is not just the nodes, the clusters, or the lobes, but rather is a combination of those parts with the synapses. The connectivity threads must be a part of a highly functional brain – whether human or Cloud. Thus, cloud services with optimized and high-quality links will outperform the others.

Thus, carriers should prioritize connectivity as part of their cloud, and then wholesale that fabric, as well as use agile development to develop new or updated retail communication services.

Thanks to the 2 demo companies Imperva Incapsula and OrionVM for showing their solutions (see their elevator pitches on YouTube) and our panelists from Ericsson, Juniper, Nuage, and Electric Lightwave.