2 days of conversations between telecoms, startups, and investors

Telecom Talks is Telecom Council's 2024 annual summit and draws a select group of telcos, telecom vendors, and communications startups from around the world to Silicon Valley to talk about the technologies impacting the telecom industry, the networks, and subscribers. 

Telecom Council's 16th Annual Summit

Telecom Talks

May 8, 2024 Full Agenda in Silicon Valley May 9, 2024 MatchMaker Meetings online

The agenda includes telcos talking about their startup partners, startups talking about their technologies, and experts talking about innovation and opportunities across 5G/6G, AI, Extended Reality (XR), and Customer Experience.

Because Telecom Council’s community of innovation executives and tech scouts is focused on working with startups and new technologies across communications, our annual summit offers an intimate format structured to connect attendees around meaningful dialogue and business conversations. The single-track agenda is packed with short, back-to-back technology pitches, executive interviews, startup case studies, private introductions, and facilitated networking; followed on Day 2 with online MatchMaker meetings to follow up.

  • Telco case studies
  • Startup pitches
  • Executive roundtables
  • Tech demos
  • Private introductions

Telecom Talks is specifically designed to introduce innovative companies to global carriers, telecom vendors, and communications investors in an environment that promotes open and meaningful discussions. Telco tech scouts actively participate each year as speakers, segment leaders, and BD MatchMakers to discover new technologies that address their known business needs or uncover a need they might not have yet identified. 

Startups and Scaleups use Telecom Council’s annual summit to start and develop partnerships with active and supportive global telcos. Whether you are looking to introduce your company to several new potential partners or validating your position as a market leader, available registration and sponsorship packages accommodate every budget and every marketing goal.

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Telco Case Studies, Startup Pitches, Roundtable Topics, Technology Demos, and MatchMaker Meetings. Add a technology pitch, demo table, or topic sponsorship when you register online.

Startup Pitches

20 Startups Introduced

Combine an on-stage technology pitch, a great table location and curated followup meetings with our MatchMaker Service.

Case Study

Telco + Startup Successes

4 successful telco + startup partnerships who take the stage together - the best way to validate a new company to other carriers.


Promote your brand

Select opportunities are available to add your brand to Telecom Talks - lunch and coffee cart sponsorship, or sponsoring agenda topic


Sponsor a Topic

4 tables are available for market leaders to lead a private session over lunch with invited attendees on their exclusive topic.

Join Telecom Council members, telcos representing over 3B customers across 40 countries, and the vendors and investors that support innovation across the communications industry as they discuss trending topics, introduce their startup partners through cases studies, offer candid insight through executive chats, and search for new partners from the rapid-fire pitches and demo tables.

* Discover telco-deployed startups
* Meet the most innovative telecom operators
* Curated, private introductions available onsite and online
* Agenda focused on connecting attendees
* Community committed to partnerships

500 Curated Introductions Available - Onsite & Online

About our MatchMaker Meeting Service image
Alongside an agenda packed with telco case studies, curated startup introductions, tech exhibits, and private topic-specific roundtable discussions, the main reason companies send executives to our annual event is to take meetings. They use Telecom Council's MatchMaker Meeting service for private, prescheduled, personal introductions.

SPEED DATING For Telcos, Vendors, Investors and Startups

Telecom Council's MatchMaker meeting service is speed dating for startups and telecom companies. During Telecom Talks, our MatchMaker will facilitate over 500 private discussions between companies with mutual interest. These pre-arranged, introductory meetings are available onsite in the afternoon of May 8th, and all day online on May 9th. More details on Telecom Council's MatchMaker Service here.