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Speaker applications are being accepted through April 30 for many parts of this year's agenda - from operator case studies and vendor innovation programs to technology leadership. Opportunities to get involved described online and speaker guidelines below to help you put together a great speaker application. 


Mission of TC3 Summit

The Telecom Council works to move the communications industry forward by connecting decision makers from around the world with new innovation, ideas and companies. 

TC3 Summit delivers the open collaboration and discussions that are necessary to help the industry successfully adopt innovation. We invite our members, technical and business leaders and anyone who is working on innovation in the communication industry to submit a speaking application.

Suggested Topics

The TC3 Summit agenda is focused on “communications innovation.” We know that is very broad and may be challenging to submit an abstract. The fact is that we will consider any and all types of innovation if it fits into one of these categories:

  • Case Studies of a telco partnering with a small, innovative, company
  • Case Studies of a telecom vendor partnering with a small, innovative, company
  • Examples of companies working together to produce innovation
  • Models of successful innovation
  • Innovation programs like incubators, accelerators, venture funds
  • Innovative technologies
  • New business models

Please note: this TC3 Call for Speakers does not include the Rapid Fire startup pitches for the carrier or investor review. Those companies will be chosen separately and at a later date through the SPIF speaker selection process on the Telecom Council website.

Guidelines to Help You Prepare Your Proposal

The following guidelines may help you prepare the best submission possible. To get started, here are two things that you should consider before submitting your proposal:

  • What is new and innovative about your topic?
  • How is your topic relevant to a room full of executives pushing the cutting edge of telecom?

TC3 attendees come to discover cutting-edge telecom technology, learn the innovation priorities of global telcos, and how to build relationships with partners in the ecosystem. We do not like to limit what you include in your proposal, but we ask that you avoid sales or marketing pitches because they are almost always rejected due to the fact that they take away from the integrity of our events, and are rarely well-received by conference attendees. There are plenty of ways to give a presentation about projects and technologies without focusing on company-specific efforts. Along with your answers above, think of ways to make your topic interesting for telecom executives while still letting you share your experiences, educate the community about an issue, or generate interest in a project. 

We are specifically looking for new and interesting content as follows:

  1. Speakers are focused on introducing new companies, technologies and business models, and on telcos sharing their innovation priorities and programs with the innovators, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs.
  2. There are also rapid fire startup pitches for later stage companies who are looking for trial and deployment opportunities with the carriers. Those companies will be chosen separate and at a later date through the SPIF speaker selection process on the Telecom Council website.

First Time Submitting? Don’t Feel Intimidated

We know that presenting to technology scouts from 100s of global carriers, tier 1 telecom vendors and VCs can be intimidating for many people. The TC3 Summit is an excellent way to get to know the Telecom Council community and share your ideas and the work that you are doing.

TC3 is intended for professional networking and collaboration in the telecom community and we work closely with our attendees, sponsors and speakers to help keep our Summit professional, welcoming, and friendly. If you have any questions about participating please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How to Submit Your Proposal

We have done our best to make the submission process as simple as possible with an online form. Here is the information you will need to provide:

  • Apply online before April 30
  • Choose the opportunities you are interested in (Case Study, Panel, Solo/Keynote)
  • Provide company and topic information, including an abstract about what you will be presenting at the event (100 characters maximum).
  • Provide information of primary contact and presenter (if different from primary contact) 

Complimentary Passes For Speakers

We will provide complimentary summit passes to speakers and panelists.

Speaker Selection

Telecom Council balances industry trends with requests from its members and sponsors and its objective of producing a forward thinking, actionable agenda with 100s of new ideas, companies, and introductions. We always get more requests than we can accommodate. We start sending out invitations the first week of June. Everyone should hear back from us by the end of June.

Dates to Remember

  • Call for Speakers: April
  • Invitations: June
  • Schedule Announced: June
  • Call for Startup Pitches: June
  • Slide Due Date: October 3
  • Summit Dates: October 17-18

Submitting Your Slides

If your application is accepted, we will send you details on how to submit your slides. We only accept presentation slides in PowerPoint 16:9 format for Windows, or PDF, to ensure that there are no formatting issues. Please be sure to let us know if you will include any video or audio content in your presentation, doing a demo (will you need an Elmo?), or need internet access while on stage.