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 TC3 2020

"Working with telcos on the cutting edge of innovation is not always easy, but their commitment to partnership is proven by dozens of case studies introduced at TC3 every year."

Liz Kerton, Telecom Council



Telecom Council's first online TC3 brought together cutting edge telcos, telecom vendors, communication startups, and industry investors who are focused on discovering innovation and building partnerships that move the networks and the industry into the future.


We hope to be back in-person by November 2021, but are ready to deliver another awesome TC3 online if travel and business gatherings remain restricted.


• Speakers, introductions, demos, & networking focused on innovation & partnerships
• Tech scouts from the US, Europe & Asia
• Personalized private meetings & facilitated networking
• Telco case studies & roadmaps
• Startup demos & product introductions

As an unconference, TC3 replaces exhibit halls, speeches, and random networking with rapid fire introductions, spin-free demos, deployment case studies, corporate matchmaking and personalized introductions. Participants, who represent CSPs, networks, telecom vendors, startups & investors from across the communications industry and around the world, meet 1-on-1 during TC3 to share innovation strategy, discover disruptive technology, and pursue new partnerships that move the communications industry into the future.


Alongside an online agenda packed with telco case studies, success stories, curated startup introductions, and an inside look at the innovation priorities of some of the world’s most cutting edge networks, TC3 has many opportunities to get involved whether our format is in-person, online, or a combination of the two – including tech exhibits, private breakout sessions for topic-focused roundtables, and our proven MatchMaker service facilitating private, prescheduled, personal introductions.

  • Sponsor: Limited branding, agenda spots and executive roundtables are available to sponsor. Contact us for more information
  • Speak: Innovative companies with technology to showcase, and telcos & their startup partners are encouraged to apply in April.
  • Demo & Networking: Limited Demo Tables and MatchMaker Meeting Service opportunities will be available when you register to attend. Early Bird registration opens in May.



Taking networking beyond the serendipitous, Telecom Council's MatchMaker Service encourages delegates to plan their networking strategy and focus on those companies who are best placed to move their business goals forward. With built-in messaging available before and after TC3, the private meetings commence without pre-amble and follow-up is easy.

  • Fill your schedule in advance with back-to-back meetings
  • Filter companies to find the right technology match
  • Filter people to find the right partnership match
  • Include extra people from your company to move the conversation forward more quickly
  • Take advantage of extra information to be better prepared for each meeting
  • Continue conversations post-event via the portal


TC3 2019 was a success with over 500 private meetings scheduled, 60 telecom tech scouts, and over 40 curated startups and new technologies introduced. TC3 2019’s agenda, attendee list, and sponsors are online for your review, and feedback is below.

MatchMaker Meeting Service

Sprint"I was curious how it would work - Zoom meetings in different rooms in 15-minute increments - and was very pleasantly surprised how easy and flawlessly the system worked."
                                                   —Christina Claure, Sprint

Startup Introductions

HuaweiAnyone interested in the future of telecoms and the technologies that will enable it needs to attend TC3. There is no other event that puts so many leading global telcos and leading edge startups in the same place at the same time.
                        —David Strehlow, Huawei

Technology Demos

VigilentTC3 is a highly effective and efficient way to connect innovative technologies with global carriers. My time at this conference has delivered an extremely high ROI.
                        —Bob Thronson, Vigilent

Executive Roundtables

BTThe executive roundtable was a great opportunity to engage in a small, focused, open discussion, where the conversation was as enlightening as it was stimulating
                        —Lydia Hicks, BT