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“Congratulations to the 2016 SPIFFY winners for their forward thinking and impact on the communications industry this year.”

Liz Kerton / Telecom Council 



Only promising companies and technologies are invited to present at Telecom Council meetings, and among these, some young companies stand out for their innovation, market opportunity, or quantifiable interest among the Council's SPIF Forum Members (30+ global Service Providers including BT, China Mobile, DoCoMo, Orange, Reliance, Rogers, Sprint, Softbank, Swisscom, Tata, Telia, Verizon, US Cellular and many other fixed and wireless carriers from Europe, Asia, and North and South America)

The SPIFFYS recognize 7 communications startups each year for their innovation, opportunity and promise.


SPIFFY nominees are selected each fall by the carriers in Telecom Council's Service Provider Innovation Forum (SPIF) from among over 200 early-stage companies representing a broad range of communications products and services who presented to any Telecom Council Forum in the previous year.

To be eligible for a nomination next year, you must present, pitch or demo your startup to one of our Forums meeting before Sept 1, 2017. Apply to speak online.

2016 SPIFFY Winners

  • The Graham Bell Award for Best Communication Solutions goes to ThinkCX Technologies, Inc.
  • The Edison Award for Most Innovative Start-Up goes to Peel
  • The San Andreas Award for Most Disruptive Technology goes to Loop AI Labs
  • The Core Award for Best Fixed Telecom Opportunity goes to CUJO
  • The Zephyr Award for Best Mobile Opportunity goes to Simless, Inc.
  • The Ground Breaker Award for Engineering Excellence goes to Atheer Inc
  • The Prodigy Award for the Most Successful SPiF Alumni is iControl Networks
  • The Fred & Ginger Award for Most Supportive Carrier goes to Telefónica


2015 SPIFFY Award Winners:

  • Graham Bell: Jolata
  • Edison: Indoor Atlas
  • San Andreas: Zimperium
  • Core: 1 Mainstream
  • Zephyr: Pradeo
  • Ground Breaker: Parstream
  • Prodigy: Kumu Networks
  • Fred & Ginger: Sprint

2014 Winners:

  • Graham Bell: Tarana Wireless
  • Edison: Kumu Networks
  • San Andreas: Connectem
  • Core: TRUSTID
  • Zephyr: SpiderCloud Wireless
  • Ground Breaker: Shared Spectrum Company
  • Prodigy: Mobile Iron
  • Fred & Ginger: British Telecom
  • Yellow Brick: Cisco
  • Sand Hill: Sequoia Capital

2013 Winners:

  • Graham Bell: Range Networks
  • Edison: SIGFOX
  • San Andreas: SmartThings
  • Core: 2600hz
  • Zephyr: Quixey
  • Ground Breaker: Jibe Mobile
  • Prodigy: Violin Memory
  • Fred & Ginger: Orange

2012 Winners:

  • Graham Bell: Blue Jeans Network
  • Edison: Plex
  • San Andreas: Bridgewave Communications
  • Core: Cloudscaling
  • Zephyr: Devicescape
  • Ground Breaker: Expertmaker
  • Prodigy: Ruckus Wireless
  • Fred & Ginger: Bouygues Telecom

2011 Winners:

  • Graham Bell: Aegis Mobility
  • Edison: Motally
  • San Andreas: AirHop Communications
  • Core: Lithium Technologies
  • Zephyr: BOKU
  • Ground Breaker: Violin Memory
  • Prodigy: Swype
  • Fred & Ginger: Sprint

2010 Winners:

  • Graham Bell: Funambol
  • Edison: Lithium Technologies
  • San Andreas: Micro Power
  • Core: Edgewater Networks
  • Zephyr: Gogobeans
  • Ground Breaker: Cooliris
  • Prodigy: 4Home
  • Fred & Ginger: Verizon Wireless

2009 Winners:

  • Graham Bell: Trutap
  • Edison: 4Home
  • San Andreas: Bling Software
  • Core: Brilliant Telecom
  • Zephyr: Bling Software
  • Ground Breaker: Morpho
  • Prodigy: 2Wire
  • Fred & Ginger: Swisscom

2008 Winners:

  • Graham Bell: Jajah
  • Edison: Loopt
  • San Andreas: Sling Media
  • Core: Adzilla
  • Zephyr: Obopay
  • Ground Breaker: Ruckus Wireless
  • Prodigy: Sling Media
  • Fred & Ginger: British Telecom