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Innovation Showcase is a must-attend event for all start-ups, VCs and telecom execs that aim to play a big future role in the wireless telecom sector.

Daniel Heer / Zeotap


Congratulations to our Innovation Showcase Class of 2020!



Aurora Insight
Aurora Insight offers a one-of-a-kind service that accurately and impartially measures the radio frequency spectrum. We collect, process, and make available, detailed data and knowledge, gained first-hand from proprietary technology. Our goal is to make it easier for businesses dependent on telecommunications infrastructure to access the insight they need to make critical service and investment decisions. As a result, we help improve communication for all.

Beam-Semiconductor-150   Beam Semiconductor
Beam’s goal is to augment and extend fiber with a broadband wireless transport solution based on 60GHz and 28GHz transceiver technology. Beam has developed a module with ultra fast analog beam steering. Beam’s MicroHorn 3D phased array antenna architecture packs gigabits of throughput into a compact space by integrating 3D internal structures that ‘squeeze’ the energy through it (like a trumpet / horn) providing power and gain.
BeyondEdgeLogo_150   BeyondEdge™
BeyondEdge™ is a software-defined (SD), edge compute company focused on transforming networks via an open & modular software platform that delivers intelligent & fully automated networks for buildings & campus environments. BeyondEdge solves challenges with complex networks & proprietary hardware, providing the only 100% SD-LAN for all services. This solution simplifies network architecture & management, while delivering significant cost reductions & support of current & future technologies.
ControlBEAM_logo_square_150   ControlBEAM
ControlBEAM is a leading innovator of event-driven, codeless, distributed systems for unified commerce, asset optimization, and smart cities. We are leading the evolution from the concept of Software-Defined Everything to Event-Defined Everything™, including event-defined computing processes and connections that form a dynamic ecosystem of interoperable systems and devices. With a tiny footprint, our BEAM RT™ portable runtime system provides the needed architecture for edge to cloud computing.
CroquetLogo_150   Croquet
Croquet's mission is to enable every app and game to work collaboratively. It is by far the best platform to deliver on that promise. Through industry-leading serverless multiplayer technologies, Croquet brings fast and efficient multiplayer experiences to the next generation of apps and games on any device, optimized for the AR and 5G future. Croquet’s benefits include ultra low latency, easy and fast programming, massive scalability, cheaper deployment, encrypted security and user anonymity.
Elemendar_150   Elemendar
Enterprises are secured by cyber analysts who spend much of their valuable time analysing human authored Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI). There is too much CTI and not enough time. Elemendar’s AI technology reads and translates this incoming CTI and outputs it as machine readable and actionable data so instantly protecting against new threats and freeing analysts to focus on more valuable tasks. By automating this human bottleneck we cut costs, save time and better protect against threats.
floLIVE-Logo-B150   floLIVE
floLIVE provides global, secure, cloud-native connectivity solutions to enterprises, mobile operators and cloud providers. Its platform comprises local core networks bringing connectivity that is centrally managed and controlled over the cloud. This unique approach enables enterprises to benefit from high performance, secure and regulatory-compliant local connectivity with the flexibility and elasticity of a cloud-native platform. All solutions provided as-a-service and use a pay-as-you-grow business model.
IntentHQ_150   Intent HQ
Intent HQ is a privacy-first Customer Intelligence Platform created for telcos and their user data. Enabling 1-to-1 personalisation at scale, we create the deepest human understanding of a customer from data made actionable and valuable. Activating user data in a privacy-safe way, we turn user actions into interest and intent data. Our clients benefit from improvements in segmentation, targeting, open and conversion rates, customer experience, customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Positron-Access-Solutions_150   Positron Access
Positron Access introduces a market-disruptive carrier grade Access Multiplexer (GAM) that extends fiber or fixed wireless Gigabit Services to every door of MDUs of any size over existing in-building twisted pairs or coaxial cabling at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions. Rewiring is not needed. The GAM is scalable, MEF CE 2.0 compliant with extensive management features including zero touch provisioning & automated activation. It is in service at Telcos, CableCOs and ISPs.
Sevenh150   Sevenhugs
Sevenhugs builds innovative solutions to advance the touch points between humans and the digital world, specifically in and around the modern home. In 2018 they launched Smart Remote, the world’s first consumer product featuring Ultra-Wideband (UWB) and precise indoor positioning. Most recently they launched Ultra-Wideband by Sevenhugs, the world’s first consumer-grade and field-proven UWB software for smartphone, IoT device and automotive manufacturers.
STAXOS enables B2B firms to automate back-office operations for enterprise mobility support. Working with firms who process 20-30K carrier requests per month on behalf of their clients, STAXOS replaces human processes with automation, forcing precision, increasing handling speed, reducing operating costs, increasing SLA performance, and ultimately increasing client gross margins. STAXOS links carrier API’s to common enterprise-adopted platforms resulting in unprecedented digital adoption rates
tanaza-logo-black_150   Tanaza
Tanaza is a software company with a cloud platform for IT professionals to manage WiFi networks efficiently. At the core of Tanaza’s technology is TanazaOS, a powerful Linux-based Operating System compatible with multiple hardware devices. Tanaza creates value by freeing users from locked-in vertical solutions that impose a software and hardware bundle. Tanaza leverages the software and hardware disaggregation paradigm, allowing users to upgrade to TanazaOS multiple devices from different vendors.
unearth-slate_150   Unearth
Unearth is a modern GIS platform providing a simpler, more profitable way to manage location-based data and remote teams; one that’s optimized for building, monitoring, and maintaining physical assets. We deliver on the abandoned promises of legacy GIS software with a location-based data management platform that's simple, easy-to-use, and runs in the cloud, saving time and money by streamlining your digital workflow with customizable GIS toolkits built specifically for your processes and teams.
Wordnerds-Logo-150   Wordnerds
Wordnerds combines cutting-edge AI & Natural Language Processing with old-school linguistics to train computers to read—and genuinely understand—the huge volume of unstructured text currently invisible to most telecoms companies. We make sense of the tweets, emails, webchats, online reviews, CRM-entries and survey results written about—and within—big brands, uncovering the true voice of your customers, benchmarking against your competitors and helping the world’s biggest brands listen, understand and act.