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Innovation Showcase is a must-attend event for all start-ups, VCs and telecom execs that aim to play a big future role in the wireless telecom sector.

Daniel Heer / Zeotap


Congratulations to our Innovation Showcase Class of 2019!



Atmosic Technologies
Atmosic™ Technologies is an innovative fabless semiconductor company designing ultra-low power wireless solutions to reduce and disrupt device dependency on batteries, aiming to deliver forever battery life and the battery free connected Internet of Things. The company’s products enable the IoT device ecosystem—designers, manufacturers, end users, and those responsible for deployments—to dramatically lower costs and efforts associated with maintaining the growing Internet of Things.

augment_150   Augment
Augment is a leader in customer experience-driven artificial intelligence (AI). Augment’s AI empowers your employees to deliver a superior customer experience by surfacing the best information and answers in real time. Augmented agents deliver improved brand experience through messaging and chat applications, and convert more of these interactions into customer delight and revenue. From increases in conversion rates (+78%) to higher satisfaction (+12 NPS points) Augment clients realize results!
Conectric-COLOR_150   Conectric Networks
Conectric provides reliable, self-installable and massively scalable dynamic wireless mesh connectivity for auto-configuring wireless sensors. Our open development framework enables rapid integration of sensor data, software and analytics with wired systems in buildings, industry and smart cities applications. We’ve enabled an SMB IoT platform for a major carrier, smart offices for global CRE, analytics for industrials, and digital twins for construction. By installing billions of intelligent sensors we hope to create a more productive, safe, efficient and environmentally sustainable world.
dAlchemy_logo_150   dAlchemy
dAlchemy, an AI solutions company, helps businesses to lower OpEx & increase reliability & availability of machines critical to their business, which in turn increases service quality & customer satisfaction. The solution, dA-MD, predicts machine health for condition-based maintenance. What differentiates us from others is the unique data set (patented) we collect about the machines & our AI framework. Solution is applicable to many industries. Telecom & Data Center, backbone of the digital economy & AI future, is our focus.
eyecandylab_150   eyecandylab
eyecandylab is building tools and a platform so any video can be overlaid with interactive augmented reality information. They have already powered interactive experiences for media networks and entertainment companies including Nickelodeon, NBCUniversal, and WWE as well as global companies such as SoftBank, and broadcasters in Germany. The TV networks using their technology are seeing a significant increase in audience engagement, retention rate, and new revenue streams.
Fleet-150   Fleet Space
Fleet Space builds, launches and operates a constellation of nano-satellites to provide IoT connectivity in remote areas across the globe. Working across Agriculture, Mining, Oil Gas and Renewable Energies and Logistics, Fleet offers global access to low cost IoT device connectivity from space. By combining advances in Low Earth Orbit nano-satellite technologies with edge computing and LPWAN systems, Fleet makes it easy and affordable to deploy Internet of Things based transformations at scale.
GigSky_150   GigSky
GigSky is a leading provider of global cellular connectivity and eSIM solutions for consumers, businesses and manufacturers. Founded in 2010, GigSky provides affordable and reliable coverage in over 200 countries and territories, via a 500+ carrier network. GigSky's innovative products include enterprise mobile data management solutions, IoT solutions and consumer roaming solutions like GigSky global SIM, GigSky for iPad and GigSky for Microsoft "Always Connected" PCs.
hiya_150   Hiya
Hiya is revolutionizing the way people make and receive mobile calls. The phone app has remained unchanged since the smartphone launched a decade ago. Hiya is fixing this through innovations designed to make the phone experience great. We do this by partnering globally with leading carriers and smartphone OEMs, including Samsung and AT&T. Despite being a startup, we are already making a big impact for our 70+ million users in all 196 countries.
LORIOT is a global company providing a secure, reliable and scalable solution to operate long-range IoT networks through a global infrastructure. Our mission is to enable the Internet of Things in every corner of the globe and allow our users to deploy IoT solutions reducing cost and time-to-market and, ultimately, to transform society and people’s lives for the better, improving production processes as well as the health of our planet and humankind. Currently present in 130+ countries worldwide.
MobiledgeX_150   MobiledgeX
At MobiledgeX , we believe the edge is a missing piece in a value chain that connects mobile operators, application developers, cloud providers, and device makers such that everyone wins. MobiledgeX is creating a marketplace of edge resources and services that will connect developers with the world's largest mobile networks to power the next generation of applications and devices. We’re committed to enabling completely new and immersive experiences not possible without edge services like those powering our customers today across Central Europe.
NetObjex_Logo_150   NetObjex
NetObjex is a Smart City Infrastructure Platform that powers solutions ranging from smart energy peer to peer trading, food traceability, electric vehicle charging for autonomous and semi-autonomous cars, managing fleets of street lights, powering smart medical devices, and more. The platform touches over 2MM end users in 4 continents. The underpinning technology includes IoT for data acquisition, AI for machine learning, and Blockchain for compliance, governance and transactions.
Rafay-Systems_150   Rafay Systems
Rafay Systems enables developers to automate the distribution, intent-based scaling, and operations and management of containerized applications for edge, multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments. Rafay’s platform delivers an abstraction layer across disparate infrastructure, making it easy for developers to scale and operate apps across locations. Rafay’s feature set is delivered as a service and includes a full suite of developer-friendly tools to run containerized apps globally.
ReFirmLabs_150   Refirm Labs
ReFirm Labs is an emerging leader in the risk mitigation space. With decades of experience securing devices for sensitive national security missions, our team has developed new methods for you to evaluate and monitor risks lurking inside the firmware of your IoT and connected devices. Our Centrifuge Platform™ is at the forefront of this approach and is the first to deliver this capability to the commercial market. Our technology is already helping telecom companies secure their supply chain.
zainar-use-this_150   ZaiNar
ZaiNar locates radio devices (phones, cars, drones, IoT, etc.) in 3D with sub-meter accuracy using signals emitted by those devices during normal operation without retrofitting or battery drain. ZaiNar location is powered by our patented ability to synchronize and distribute network time to sub-nanosecond. This unique approach affordably solves unmet needs like tracking phones indoors and in dense cities, tracking cars without line of sight, and tracking IoT devices in dynamic industrial environments.