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Innovation Showcase is a must-attend event for all start-ups, VCs and telecom execs that aim to play a big future role in the wireless telecom sector.

Daniel Heer / Zeotap


Congratulations to our Innovation Showcase Class of 2017!  Meet them at TC3 Summit.



All Star Networks
Highly customizable, highly secure HD Dual band SIP WiFi phone that can deliver realtime on screen advertising. Designed for small to large tier Telecom providers as part of triple play solution or for managed Telecom Business solutions. ODM or white label options available.


Anuta Networks
Anuta NCX Network Service Orchestrator uses Model Driven, Layered and Abstraction approach that helps in delivering vendor neutral, extensible and maintainable services. The product helps insulate the business intent from the changes in infrastructure implementation. Using the NCX platform, network administrators can automate
• ANY Network Service or Application that uses…
• ANY Technology or Architecture with …
• ANY Vendor, Platform or Device Type that use …
• ANY Southbound Interface (CLI, REST, YANG, NETCONF etc)
NCX includes device adapters for hundreds of different platforms; from 35 different industry leading vendors; and provides starter kits to various use cases in multiple networking domains including Data Center, Campus, Branch, Virtual CPE, WAN, Carrier Core etc.

cirrent_150 Cirrent
With the multitude of new connected products rapidly entering today’s homes, residential broadband providers would have to collaborate with hundreds of product manufacturers to create a solution to enable these products to connect to Wi-Fi easily. Cirrent created a simple solution that connects all Wi-Fi products and works across all network providers. Cirrent’s service is the first of its kind, solving a tough problem for both product companies and consumers, and placing the Wi-Fi Gateway at the solution’s center. While broadband subscribers enjoy a better experience with their Wi-Fi products, the broadband providers receive attribution in the product app.
CWS_150 Cloud Worldwide Services
We offer an advanced platform to record enterprise calls, both to and from mobile and landlines directly on the cloud, presented on a single cloud interface. On the mobile front we are pretty unique globally, as no other vendor is offering this capability. On the landline front we are PBX agnostic, we can record directly on the cloud from different PBX´s brands, including soft PBXs like Broadsoft. No CAPEX is needed, it is quick and easy to deploy. Our solution is enterprise level and we comply with the highest security standards worldwide.
collisions-communications_150 Collision Communications
Cellular networks perform well below their potential as a result of not handling interfering signals in a sophisticated way. Collision Communications has developed advanced signal processing approaches for receiving and processing these interfering signals – rather than avoid interference or treat it as noise, we are able to understand it and process it as real signals. The result is phenomenal performance gains, robust and flexible networks that are cheaper and easier to deploy, and better user experience. Our software solutions apply to and dramatically improve the performance of Macro, Small Cells, C-RAN, M-MIMO, and Downlink D-MIMO networks.
dataholiks_150 DataHoliks
Dataholiks is an artificial intelligence product development studio. We liken ourselves as the "IDEO of AI". We help leading companies deliver the AI on their roadmap.The founding team has a strong wireless background, so telecom is one of our focus verticals. Our flagship project is leading a team in the DARPA Spectrum Collaboration Challenge -- where are are using model ML techniques like reinforcement learning, convolutional neural networks, and auto-encoders to completely rethink how spectrum can be utilized.
datqazoom_150 Datazoom Inc
Organizations today need data about their products or services in order to maximize customer utility and benefit. Digital products like online video rely on real-time access to data to monitor and improve their products and services for their consumers who grow continually more demanding. datazoom is a cloud-based platform that uses a configurable, dynamic beacon to collect high-frequency, high-volume data in real-time (sub-second) from a variety of endpoints (video players, IoT sensors, video games, software) for powering automated processes.
Entrevi_150 Entrevi Solutions
Entrevi Connect™ is a SaaS subscriber engagement, service and sales platform for service providers. Entrevi cuts churn, support costs, and traditional marketing expenses, while providing new ways for operators to engage and monetize subscribers in partnership with retail channels and brands.
kodacloud_150 KodaCloud
KodaCloud is the first company to offer Wi-Fi as a cloud-powered subscription service with proactive network monitoring and troubleshooting using patented Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning techniques. KodaCloud’s service includes a network of indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi Access Points (AP) shipped directly to customer location(s), eliminating the need to buy, own and manage Wi-Fi operations. The entire network can be installed in minutes. KodaCloud manages the network for a monthly or annual subscription fee. To date KodaCloud has deployed over 1,200 Wi-Fi Access Points in 250+ locations and resolves thousands of daily connectivity or performance issues with 500,000+ device connections.
MarkSpace_150 Mark/Space Inc
Phone switching, migration, sync and backup/restore. To, from and between iOS and Android devices. Can be done via mobile app, desktop app, or retail/corporate kiosk. Installed base using our technology over 200M between 2 vendors alone (Samsung and Motorola). We are looking to expand via partnerships with carriers as well as additional device manufacturers.
nau-media-locale-IQ_150 LocaleIQ
The future of communications for businesses that manage land, infrastructure, events and venues, is direct, real-time communications from them – the authoritative content owner – to their colleagues, contractors, collaborators, and customers, via interactive digital maps and real-time content updates. Nau Media’s LocaleIQ™ smart forms, map drawing tools and coordinates import and export, make it easy and affordable for businesses to manage content, data, inventory, projects, analytics and maps of their lands and infrastructure, then publicize their business, events, venues, and sales & reservations to their customers in the way they consume their information today – via their computers and smart phones.
prenav_150 PRENAV
PRENAV manufactures precision-guided drones for infrastructure inspection. Utilizing a laser scanner on the ground and onboard computer vision, PRENAV drones are able to inspect complicated structures like cell phone towers, wind turbines, and bridges without requiring any human piloting. Specifically for cell towers, PRENAV can capture equipment model/serial numbers, azimuth, downtilt, height AGL, and more. Founded in 2013, PRENAV is based in San Carlos, CA in the heart of Silicon Valley, and is backed by leading venture capital firms, including Crosslink Capital, WI Harper Group, and Pear Ventures.
pure-lifi_150 PureLiFi
LiFi can turn every LED light in our homes, offices, cities and nations into a high-speed secure internet access point. We are approaching a spectrum crunch and as the world faces the prospect of servicing a staggering 20 billion connected devices we will require new ways to wirelessly connect. LiFi can open up 1000 times greater spectrum which can enable unprecedented data and bandwidth. pureLiFi has produced the first commercially available LiFi system offering high speed bidirectional networked and mobile communication of data using light.
scriptr_150 offers a rapid IoT application development environment on a zero-DevOps platform that enable the development of auto-deployed, scalable and secure IoT Application as micro-services. solves interoperability issues between enterprise applications and IoT-based service providers by offering a marketplace of pre-built vertical IoT applications and connectors to major IoT and enterprise systems. As a robust, carrier-grade application engine supporting millions of enterprise users and 100+ applications, is a cloud based fully-managed service that can also be located on-premise or at the edge.
simulity_150 Simulity
We enable IoT and Mobile devices with embedded cellular connectivity that allows remote provisioning and automatic switch of mobile operators. eSIM unlocks devices to have the freedom to switch connectivity providers whenever and wherever using our over-the-air provisioning servers.
site-see_150 SiteSee
SiteSee is a cell tower analysis & auditing service for Telcos & Towercos. Our fully hosted web based service combines drone technology with intelligent software to digitise, analyse and optimise infrastructure. From individual assets to complete portfolios, SiteSee empowers businesses to make more informed decisions, reduce costs and improve safety by accurately understanding the true state of their infrastructure.
skyroam_150 Skyroam
Skyroam is a fast-growing venture-funded technology service provider with offices in San Francisco, Berlin, and Shenzhen. To help international travelers find reliable connectivity at a reasonable cost, Skyroam developed and patented its virtual SIM (vSIM) technology, delivering on-demand local data connectivity from carriers around the world. Skyroam’s global WiFi hotspot, embedded with vSIM technology, enables secure, global internet service in over 100 countries. Skyroam’s vSIM technology also provides managed global mobile data access to IoT and wearables applications. Please visit our booth to discuss opportunities for retail distribution of Skyroam Hotspot, value-added roaming services and vSIM enablement for your IoT products.
snappy_150 SnappyData Inc
SnappyData is a converged in-memory scale out database that supports transactions, real time analytics, streaming and machine learning in a single cluster. We realize this by fusing Apache Spark with the basic capabilities found in typical in-memory NoSQL databases (concurrency, shared nothing persistence, elasticity, high availability through replication and cross data center support). Built for mission critical telco grade applications, SnappyData offers a high performance database that runs in Apache Spark. Its Synopsis Data Engine brings breakthrough performance for building real time analytic dashboards. Based on technology that powers mission critical applications around the globe, SnappyData offers higher performance, lower complexity and seamless scaling for your real time applications.
teragence_150 Teragence
Teragence provides competitive network analytics as a service. We benchmark any mobile network, anywhere, any time - in real time. Our secret sauce consists of innovative network measurement algorithms built into a handset-based software agent. The agent is embedded in third-party apps to achieve hyper-scale in our measurement footprint. Our data provides insights into coverage, handset performance, Customer Experience and network congestion and outages. Our service has use cases in network planning and optimisation, customer experience management, network automation and customer acquisition.
rowem_150 Ubiro
Oneshot Login is a smartphone based simple and safe Integrated Authentication Platform. The entire IT environment is being revolutionized by UBIRO’s platform which provides high level of security and enhances user convenience at the same time. This platform is the result of years of expertise and research on security and usability. We lead Fintech, IoT, and Cloud Computing Advancements in this Era of Digital Disruption by increasing usability and reducing vulnerabilities and risks of current IT environment at the same time. Our goal is to become a unique integration channel provider where all services are integrated with UBIRO’s platform.