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November 2009 Events

  • Nov
    • Entrepreneur Forum: "Effects of Broadband Policy and Economic Stimulus on Innovation at the Edge"
      Nov 03, 2009 - (12:00 PM - 02:00 PM)
      Cisco Campus
      260 E. Tasman Drive, Building 9
      San Jose, CA 95134

      The economic stimulus program is currently underway and rather underwhelming as it would apply to telecom companies. However, we see a real focus on “innovation at the edge.” Our speaker, Mr. William B. Wilhelm, Jr from Bingham McCutchen LLP, will talk about how both edge and cloud based services will be impacted by the FCC's new policies -from the FCC's inquiry into the Google Voice application for the iPhone to the FCC's inquiry into wireless innovation and investment and mobile wireless
  • Nov
    • RCR Local Panel and Reception: Fat Pipes & Convergence in 4G
      Nov 05, 2009 - (05:30 PM - 08:00 PM)
      Decathlon Club
      3250 Central Expressway
      Santa Clara, CA 95051

      RCR Wireless News present RCR Local, a series of networking events around the country which gathers large groups of telecom and technology people over cocktails for a look at a specific telecom or technology theme.

      RCR Local comes to Silicon Valley for a social evening centered around the Silicon Valley's WiMax 4G new test network. You will have the opportunity to hear and interact with one of Sprint 4G's major customers, Fox 12 KPDX, discussing how the station uses 4G technology to
  • Nov
    • Building the Cloud
      Nov 10, 2009 - (08:30 AM - 02:00 PM)
      Decathlon Club
      3250 Central Expressway
      Santa Clara, CA 95051

      Telecom Council members’ interest in Cloud Computing at the moment is not like many current discussions on the topic. Our members are interested in building clouds and turning cloud computing into a strategic business. This meeting will not focus on Cloud apps, Cloud consumer services, and Cloud processing.

      Instead, we will focus on how to build the cloud from a network operator's perspective:
    • What hardware, technologies, and new architectures are needed to build,
  • Nov
    • Executive Luncheon: The Telecom Opportunities in India and China
      Nov 17, 2009 - (12:00 PM - 02:00 PM)
      Nokia - Kirk Room
      323 Fairchild Drive
      Mountain View, CA 94043

      The booming consumer markets of India and China offer untold opportunity for the right investors. But it seems that in the West, we are blinded by short-sightedness, and only try to shoehorn Western solutions into the Indian market. This meeting is intended to help the local community gain perspective on the unique nature of these markets. We'll discuss:
    • the types of devices they use,

    • the apps that make sense,

    • how bills are paid and mobile commerce, and