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“Telecom Council meetings introduce you to great companies and new people; but it’s up to you to put a deal together afterwards.”

—Vivek Chhabra / Marvell



Depending on the Forum, there are meeting opportunities every month. Each Forum has a separate membership, separate calendar and separate invitation list.

  • Hosted by members in Silicon Valley
  • Last between 2 and 4 hours and include networking before, during and after
  • Finish by 1 pm for morning meetings or 2 pm for lunch meetings
  • Are for members only, or are open to the public
  • Forum meetings accommodate demo tables and longer ones also accommodate startup pitches
  • Attendance runs from 25 telcos for a Service Provider Forum meeting to 150 people for a popular IOT Forum meeting, like Connected Car


Attendee lists are always available in advance through the Forum’s calendar. Past attendee lists are publicly available online through our past meetings.

For meetings that are open to the public, Forum members generally make up 50% of the participants. Attendance by seniority and role across all Forums are in these graphs:

Average_Council_Meetings Average_Council_Meeting_Participants



80% of companies and technologies introduced to the Telecom Council generate follow up from our members. And, members follow up with 3 companies introduced at each meeting on average. To be one of these, keep the following in mind as you prepare your pitch, demo table or presentation.

Forum members are generally from the strategy, R&D or Business Development groups within their companies and responsible for technology scouting. They often have a technical background and can understand where new technologies can fit in their networks and services and have looked at companies of every size to solve solutions and fill technology gaps.

Expect them to interject, ask questions, give feedback and feel free to ask them their opinions and thoughts on a market or service.

Members who miss meetings will access the attendee lists, agenda, demo abstracts, videos, photos and presentations afterwards and those who did attend can pass these along internally. So, make sure to include your contact info.



While each Forum has a separate membership, separate calendar and separate invitation list, they are all combined on the Telecom Council calendar.