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Telecom Council Innovation Showcase @ CTIA Wireless 2012

The Telecom Council of Silicon Valley is proud to present the Innovation Showcase at The International CTIA WIRELESS® show, a premier wireless event representing a $1 trillion global marketplace that brings together wireless and converged communications, wireless broadband, mobile web, held May 8-10, 2012 in New Orleans, Louisiana. This Showcase will ensure that CTIA WIRELESS attendees leave the show having seen new products, tried new services, heard new ideas, and met new companies that are pushing the envelope of the wireless industry.

24 early-stage companies were chosen to be highlighted in the showcase from 100s of applications by a panel of Telecom Council member judges. Companies selected to be included were judged on standard Telecom Council criteria – innovation, momentum, viability, and management.



Be sure to catch the showcasing companies demos live on the main stage in the CTIA World (schedule TBA) on the show floor, and stop by the pavilion at booth 4051 to see first hand, the innovations the Council members deemed as worthy of being showcased:


Stop by booth 4051 to see these new innovations:

Accelera Mobile Broadband -
Accelera SON Server works as a Self Organizing Networks tool for configuration and reconfiguration of elements in the Heterogeneous wireless radio network (HetNet) and supports efficient real time and automatic network optimization and self healing. The Accelera SON Controller will perform initial configuration of the LTE cells – Macro or micro and thereafter conduct continuous optimization. Continuous measurements in the network enable the Accelera SON Controller to dynamically optimize the parameters of the network resulting in more capacity, better performance and lower power consumption. Additionally, the SON software performs a self-healing function within the network. In the event a network component goes down, or a part of the network is not working properly, the Accelera SON Controller detects an anomaly and performs restorative functions, such as Automatic Neighbor Relationship and Transmit Power Adaptation.

Acudora -
Have you ever tried to listen to a phone conversation or your favorite song in a noisy environment? Acudora provides a revolutionary solution. Acudora’s unique algorithms enable frequency specific gain across the entire human audible spectrum, correcting for changes in ambient noise at every frequency & every loudness level up to one thousand times per second. In other words, you can hear what’s important, without noise cancellation or volume increases. Embedded in smartphones, tablets, ultra-books and more, Acudora provides call clarity, regardless of your ability to hear or the surrounding noise environment. Acudora™ helps you “Hear What You’ve Been Missing™”.

Aegis Mobility -
Aegis Mobility develops innovative context-based wireless applications that enable people to manage their mobile communications based on activity, location, time, and personal preferences, enhancing their mobile experience while protecting privacy. The Company's first application, DriveAssist, provides the wireless operator with a highly configurable and customizable solution to address the problem of distracted driving. The patent-pending technology reduces network overhead and provides network and signaling efficiencies. A network approach to distracted driving reaches a greater number of subscribers due to simplified handset client requirements, offers a richer feature set to end-users, and performs more reliably than a handset-only solution.

Analogix Semiconductor -
SlimPort™ technology allows smartphones and other SlimPort-enabled mobile devices to deliver theater-quality 3D HD audio and video to large screen HDTVs and other screens over the existing mobile USB connector without draining the mobile devices’ batteries. By offering the ability for the mobile device to utilize a single connector for charging, data synchronization and multimedia playback, SlimPort provides increased compatibly with a larger range of legacy and new displays by supporting standard display interconnects. And with built-in HDMI and other legacy display converters, all that’s required to connect any device to any display is a standard USB connector and an ultra-thin SlimPort cable.

CellepathicRx -
CellepathicRx is a HIPAA Compliant, Private-Labeled, Mobile Patient Engagement Platform. Our focus is improving patient outcomes by delivering the right message, to right person, at the right time, using the channel they prefer; Mobile, SMS, Email, IVR, Web. This includes Patient Adherence Programs, Health & Wellness Programs, Virtual Coaching, and patient self-reporting. Our Partners private label and market the CellepathicRx platform as their own to Payers, Large Employers, Providers, Pharma and others. We handle the integration, deployment and support, if desired.

ConteXtream -
Traditional broadband networks are built and provisioned for peak conceivable usage, thus they typically operate at below 20% utilization. This is not only extremely expensive to the operator, but it also doesn’t correlate in any way to service revenue. The ideal solution is an elastic core network that expands and contracts as demand dictates. Software-Defined Networking opens the door for a flexible resource allocation and gradual transition from dedicated physical appliances to virtual appliances on commodity hardware. The session will explore cost reduction and new service opportunities brought about by the cloud-enabled operator networks.

Crittercism -
Crittercism is a mobile crash reporting solution that offers a real-time global view of app diagnostics across iOS, Android and HTML5 on over 100 million unique devices and over 2 billion app loads. Crittercism’s intuitive and interactive real-time dashboard empowers developers with the ability to track app loads, crash reports, handled exceptions and breadcrumbs, allowing developers to fix the most important bugs, identify exact line of code causing issues, analyze user behavior and track detailed metadata down to shopping cart details in order to optimize app performance.  This approach helps developers improve retention, ratings and reviews and overall conversion across their apps. Crittercism is trusted by companies such as Netflix, PocketGod, Doodle Jump, NPR, AT&T, Eventbrite, Smule and Pulse. Learn more at and @crittercism

CrowdEngineering -
CrowdEngineering is a company leader in the Crowdsourcing and Social CRM (Customer Relationship Management) businesses solutions in Europe and in U.S.A. Recently CrowdEngineering has launched Crowd4Self, a revolutionary product that makes crowdsourcing available for everyone in any business processes, which is integrated with Amazon Mechanical Turk. Today, a number of companies all over the world in the sphere of Telecommunications, Media, Finance and Public Administration thoughts to turn into Innovation Technology hiring CrowdEngineering to design and implement their crowdsourcing applications and their Social CRM strategy.

Devicescape -
Devicescape is The WiFi Offload Company™. Devicescape enables mobile devices to access the largest virtual network of quality-controlled WiFi hotspots automatically using carrier-defined connection policies. When used together, the Devicescape Offload Network of over 5 million hotspots, the Devicescape Offload Service managed in the cloud, and the Devicescape Offload Client intelligent connection management software, give mobile operators the best WiFi offload rates in the industry.


Glider Gloves -
Gloves + Touchscreen = #Fail ?! No More!
Your connections should have no limitations! We believe in the freedom to touch and freedom to interact any time, all the time. We make products to support your tech-infused lifestyle. Introducing Glider Gloves - Warm, Precise, 10 Finger Touch Response. Glider Gloves are the warmest touch screen compatible gloves for men and women. Made with a blend of conductive materials, you can enjoy amazing touch response along your entire hand and all 10 fingers. With best in-class accuracy and precision, your frozen fingers will warm up to the idea of touch, tap, text, pinch, and glide! Regular gloves simply do not work on touch screens - Glider Gloves do! We are a Canadian company based in Toronto. Trust us, we know cold!

good2gether -
Over 50% of adult Americans will have a smartphone in 2012. Doing good needs to go mobile. good2gether is connecting smartphones to nonprofits, volunteering, events, in-kind donation needs, and more. See how businesses are helping to make your community a better place - from the insurance agency to the realtor, the pizza shop to the big box retailer. Take advantage of our very cool rewards program - accumulate points and nonprofits you care about will get the rewards. Plus you’ll be able to use your smartphone for impulse giving. In 2012 smartphones won't just be smart, they’ll be good too.

Honest Technology -
Honestech nScreen™ Deluxe is a great presentation/sharing tool for home or business applications. Users can stream multimedia content from portable devices, including iPhone, iPad and Android devices or mirror PC/Mac screen and audio to a TV or projector up to 1080p HD resolution. Free apps are available at Android Market and iTunes. Simply connect the included nScreenBox™ to your TV or projector using the included HDMI or composite AV cable.

Information Technologies Curves (IT Curves) -
The Transportation industry, Filed service industries, and others who rely on significant part of their resources outside the office and mobile, have been lagging in connecting the back office to the resources on the road effectively. Our suite of powerful back office application and 3g /4G devices in the Vehicles is set to make the corporations' Mobile Resource seamlessly part of the their in house extensive network and operation center. Management now can connect to their Mobile resources and manage their performance as the staff in the office. The suite of back office and Mobile app (Android and I phone) provide the management in operation center to assign, un assign, reassign tasks, control expenses, monitor most fundamental indices of business. We provide capabilities for real time monitoring from progress and completion of tasks, gas re-fills, to video surveillance, Credit Card payments, to many others. The Power warless Data is being unleashed for industries that their existence will rely on their ability to monitor these key performance issues.

Life360 -
Life360 is a trusted family safety partner to more than fifteen million people who use its mobile products to keep their loved ones safe and in sync. Backed by Facebook and Google, Life360’s award-winning technology lets you know where your family is located, when they need help and what is on their minds using our private family group chat. Everything is done in a convenient and secure way that doesn't interfere with busy schedules or personal freedom. By best addressing the most pressing concerns of parents in today's world, Life360 is the largest mobile family safety provider on the market. For more information, visit

MyCityWay -
In relation to mobile apps and startups, this presentation can focus on first-hand insights regarding location-based advertising within the mobile space. The MyCityWay urban exploration app, a real time app designed to transform your hand held device into a mega-utility tool for navigating the urban scene, provides brands with intent- and location-based advertising possibilities, its cofounders know the benefits of advertising and how location-based apps can tailor advertisements to fit their audiences. Location-based advertising is one of the most effective ways to attract customers to your locations, but how can you make ads effective without making consumers uncomfortable? Marketers have to play by new rules with mobile advertising, as consumers aren’t accustomed to receiving a lot of advertising based on their exact location. Whether you already use geo-fencing or are just thinking about implementing location-based advertising, this session is for you.

Private Planet -
Private Planet® provides personal cloud computing platforms, enabling mobile telecom carriers to provide a carrier-branded personal cloud computing platform and mobile device software to their subscribers. Private Planet® has developed a highly innovative Personal Cloud Computer platform that offers individuals industrial strength cloud storage, personal productivity tools, communication, publishing and synchronization tools. Put simply, Private Planet® gives you the ability to manage your ‘digital life’ – all your data, all your content and all your communications through one place on any of your devices. Three things make Private Planet® stand out. Firstly, we have complete focus on cloud-empowering individuals – a Private Planet® user has sole control over their data and identity on the Internet. Second, we make things simple – an easy to use, attractive and carrier-branded interface across all devices and platforms: Windows, BlackBerry OS, Android, iOS, OS X, Linux, Symbian. Thirdly, we work in partnership with our customers – our business model is based on revenue share with carriers who retain the lion share of personal data storage services they deliver based on our platform.

RF Window -
RF Window’s patented Interference Cancellation Systems technology has changed the way frequency can be transmitted. Unlike conventional RF repeaters, ICS Digital Relay eliminated oscillation problems, and does not require antenna separation. ICS technology combined with DSP (Digital Signal Processing)effectively eliminates all multi-path signals including direct feedback from the coverage antenna, indirect feedback from predictable obstacles and even from unpredictable obstacles despite the changes in feedback signal timing and amplitude. This proven technology resolved RF engineering and optimization issues many operators are facing now. Over 70,000 units were deployed to secure expanded coverage in shorter time and at lower costs improving CAPEX and OPEX.

Sensory -
TrulyHandsfree(tm) Voice Control enables the use of mobile phones without having to touch the device. Popular applications like Apple's SIRI and Google's Voice Actions still require button pressing to activate which can be inconvenient, unsafe or illegal (while driving). Truly Handsfree enables a key voice activation phrase. It is now used in the Samsung Galaxy SII and Note. Sensory's speaker verification enables biometric security on smartphones and convenient access to information without having to memorize lots of different passwords. When the verification is combined with TrulyHandsfree activation, a handsfree environment is enabled with user preferences automatically configured.

Shared Spectrum Company -
Access to RF spectrum is needed to fuel growth in the wireless industry. Shared Spectrum Company (SSC) launched the Spectrum Sensing Toolbox (SST) as it first commercial product. The SST is radio software that enables Femtocells, LTE base stations and other radio devices to dramatically improve spectrum access by dynamically harvesting underutilized spectrum to expand capacity for high bandwidth applications while not harming other users. The SST enables access to need RF spectrum to fuel our wireless growth. The SST is part of over 12 years of development in cognitive radio and dynamic spectrum access technology by SSC.

ShowUhow -
Our speech would focus on video innovation in mobile and social commerce would include a demo of SUH Express. SUH Express highlights a video product introduction platform tailored for handset manufacturers and wireless carriers. The platform encompasses the entire product lifecycle by helping wireless vendors launch new products, increase product awareness, and educate the consumer for higher conversion of sales. In addition, the platform provides a management scorecard that indicates how well subscribers utilize their devices and use new services. Customers have already experienced increased adoption of product features and applications. The platform is available on web, mobile, cloud and tablets.

SwiftKey -
SwiftKey is a best-selling, award-winning text entry solution for Android. SwiftKey gives much more accurate corrections and predictions than other keyboards, because it’s powered by natural language technology. It understands how words work together, meaning very sloppy typing just works and the word you’ll probably want next is magically predicted. The keyboard that learns you
SwiftKey can also learn as you use it to make typing easier and even more accurate over time, and you can personalize it using your Gmail, Facebook, Twitter or blog posts. Saving you time and effort,
SwiftKey has been downloaded more than four million times and has saved its users over 20 billion keystrokes – equivalent to 250 years spent typing, or tapping out the complete works of Shakespeare over 5,000 times. It frequently tops the download charts.

ViVOtech -
ViVOtech is a market leader in contactless/NFC payment software, over the air (OTA) card provisioning, promotion, and transaction management infrastructure software, NFC smart posters, and contactless readers/writers. These innovative solutions allow consumers to make contactless payments with radio frequency-enabled credit cards, debit cards, key fobs, and NFC-enabled mobile phones. ViVOtech's products are used by some of the most prominent retailers in the United States. ViVOtech's products are in use at movie theaters, fast food restaurants (QSR), casual dining establishments, convenience stores, gas stations, drug stores, grocery stores, buses, taxicabs and vending machine locations, enabling a wide variety of businesses to accept contactless/NFC payments.

WIT Software -
WIT is a software development company specialized in advanced solutions for mobile telecommunications companies. WIT provides converged solutions based on the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) for voice (VoIP, Mobile VoIP and Voice over LTE), for messaging (SMS and MMS over IP), Rich Communication Suite (RCS2.0 and RCS-e) and Multimedia Telephony Services (MMTel). Our range of solutions includes a complete set of RCS client applications (for PC, Web, iPhone, iPad, Android and Symbian) and a RCS Application Server capable of delivering full RCS functionality in IMS and pre-IMS networks.

YouMail -
YouMail is a direct-to-consumer provider of value added telecom services, including YouMail Visual Voicemail Plus, and the WhoAreYou Visual Caller Id app, which together have well over 2m registered users on Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry. The company has a scalable cloud-based platform, with unique freemium economics, that has handled nearly 1.5 billion calls from over 75m unique callers, and performs over 2 billion caller id searches/month. The company's services are now being distributed by a variety of regional carriers and online cellular stores.


The International CTIA WIRELESS show is a premier wireless event representing a $1 trillion global marketplace that brings together wireless and converged communications, wireless broadband, mobile web. Full details online at

Show Facts:

  • Attendance and international participation up 20% from 2009 to 2010 - visiting over 125 countries
  • Attracts more than 1,100 press and analysts worldwide