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Telecom Council Innovation Showcase @ CTIA Wireless 2011

The Telecom Council of Silicon Valley is proud to present the Innovation Showcase at The International CTIA WIRELESS® show, a premier wireless event representing a $1 trillion global marketplace that brings together wireless and converged communications, wireless broadband, mobile web, held March 22 - 24, 2011 in Orlando, Florida. This Showcase will ensure that CTIA Wireless attendees leave the show having seen new products, tried new services, heard new ideas, and met new companies that are pushing the envelope of the wireless industry.

25 early-stage companies were chosen to be highlighted in the showcase from 100s of applications by a panel of Telecom Council member judges from HTC, Qualcomm, SK Telecom, Sprint, Vodafone and more. Companies selected to be included were judged on standard Telecom Council criteria – innovation, momentum, viability, and management.

Be sure to catch the showcasing companies demos live on the main stage in the emerging technology zone:

  • 3/22 12:30 – 3pm
  • 3/23 3-5pm

Stop by booth 4290 to see these new innovations:

Carrier IQ -
Carrier IQ builds technology designed to enhance the complete mobile experience - from the quality of calls to the speed of mobile broadband; from the reliability and stability of the phone to the usage of applications and web sites; from the lifetime of the battery to the life-style of the consumer. We call this mobile intelligence and we are the feedback loop to mobile operators and device manufacturers, gathering metrics across the entire mobile experience enabling our customers to manage their networks, their devices, their applications, their services, and their customers.

Cimble -
Engineered to be the next advance in wireless vehicle accessories, ToyotaMate extends the range of the vehicle owner's protection and connectivity. ToyotaMate is a wireless bidirectional CAN-BUS gateway, connecting third party applications to vehicles. ToyotaMate is the world's most advanced vehicle security, safety, diagnostic, notification system and remote control system. ToyotaMate delivers safety and security alerts instantly to the owner, as well as providing convenient remote control capabilities. ToyotaMate allows customers to communicate with their vehicle anytime from anywhere in the world via smart phone applications, empowering them with almost limitless control and connectivity to their vehicle.

CleverWraps -
CleverWraps are clear disposable protective sleeves for digital devices such as Mobile Phones, eReaders, and Tablets. CleverWraps protect devices from adverse effects of water, grease, dirt, etc. Ideal protection at the beach, by the pool, in the kitchen, bathtub, gym, or on the job. These high-grade poly sleeves feature a zip closure and re-sealable tape for double protection and a custom fit. Crystal clear protection allows full functionality of devices including, touch screen, keyboard, speaker, microphone, and Bluetooth. High-quality product solution at a good value allows consumer to connect with their technology anywhere, anytime and avoid costly repairs and replacement of devices.

Connect2Car -
The Connect2Car Anywhere system allows you to Control your car from any mobile Phone. Features include Starting/Stopping the Car, Door Lock/Unlock, Remote GPS tracking, Parking lot Car finder, Remote Engine Shutdown. Other social features such as Share your car's location to facebook and twitter and have your Facebook friends monitor your car alarm. The Anywhere System comes with a mobile Application for select Smartphones and also has a Text Control(sms) mode that works with all phones. The Anywhere module is installed in the vehicle via Connect2Car professional installers listed on the site. - - based in Round Rock, Texas - is a new division of KPI Consulting, and focuses exclusively on providing a complete managed developer program outsourcing option to the telecommunications industry and others, with outsourcing services including marketing, technical support, web infrastructure, account liaison and support, and creative/content production. KPI Consulting is the global leader in the creation and operation of world class websites and back-end infrastructure for major telecommunication industry companies worldwide. Clients include NAVTEQ, Orange Partner, Sony Ericsson, Sprint, Vodafone. The combined operation employs 24 people.

DriveNTalk -
What BHF-2000 brings to the table is that drivers can and will have an access to most of the basic features of the phone, such as Bluetooth pairing, making and taking a call without having to touch anything. It can be and will be done with voice, providing even more comfort for its users and lowering the distraction while driving. Also, user can experience an optional service of DriveNTalk's partners (any service provider could be) which allows its user to send SMS, E-mail and other types of messages by talking into the car kit. Additionally, user can also experience the power of Bing search service.

FeedHenry -
FeedHenry’s cloud platform supports the development, deployment, integration and management of secure mobile apps for businesses. Our ASTRUM platform offers a comprehensive white label solution to Telecom Operators, providing them with a differentiated mobile app proposition for their corporate clients. Hosted development, simple deployment to all major mobiles, secure integration with business systems and telecom functionality, and comprehensive app management are features that help Telcos increase ARPU, reduce churn and attract business clients with a simple, secure and affordable mobile app strategy.

FitOrbit -
Founded by fitness legend Jake Steinfeld of Body By Jake, FitOrbit connects you to a real personal trainer on your phone and over the internet who provides you with a fully customized nutrition and exercise plan to meet your unique goals in fitness and weight loss. Our state-of-the-art tools make it easier than ever to view, log and track your progress while keeping a steady stream of communication and feedback with your trainer. The convenience of mobile and the internet provides you with unlimited access to your trainer and your fitness plan so everything revolves perfectly around your busy schedule.

InvisiTrack -
InvisiTrack™ Location System (LS) advances the state-of-the-art in location positioning by utilizing the superior propagation characteristics of low-frequency radio signals to provide accurate and reliable location fixes indoors. Operating in White Space and lower frequency LTE bands, InvisiTrack LS works in environments where higher frequency solutions are ineffective and provides accurate location fixes with resolutions of less than three meters indoors and one meter outdoors. InvisiTrack has five patents in the United States and IP coverage in Korea, Japan, China and the EU. InvisiTrack is exploring opportunities to integrate its precise indoor location solution in smartphones, tablets and other devices.

JetJaw -
JetJaw is a mobile survey solution that allows businesses to get in-the-moment feedback from customers and employees. JetJaw is a cloud-based solution that works on any Internet device from feature phones, to smartphones, to tablets and desktops. Allowing people to respond from any device delivers higher response rates, greater immediacy, and higher accuracy than traditional internet surveys. JetJaw offers solutions for customer feedback at restaurants and retail, audience voting at events and conferences, data collection for mobile workforces, student polls and quizzes at universities and trainings, and more.

Local Social -
We think that Proximity will become as important and useful an ingredient in mobile applications as Location is today. With LocalSocial, we offer a Proximity Platform that simplifies the process of adding compelling proximity functionality to mobile apps, enabling developers to build apps that can react when people, devices or businesses of interest are nearby. It has applications in Proximity Marketing, Hyperlocal deals and casual social browsing.

Locomatix -
Locomatix has built an advanced next-generation platform for rapidly building, then deploying, and finally managing the entire life cycle of rich location services. Our real-time, fault-tolerant and scalable platform provides a one-stop shop to either build new services (e.g. integrate real-time contextual coupon delivery with a navigation system), or make your existing mobile content come alive (e.g. add rich location service to your point-of-interest data). With Locomatix’s cloud-hosted infrastructure, you can build rich services with features like always-on services (leveraging our advanced battery optimized APIs and push-based notification architecture), dynamic and static geo-fences, and real-time location analytics.

MoBeam -
Brands, retailers and independent application developers have responded to the “gold rush” of the smart phone era by offering consumers a wide selection of solutions to help them shop more on the phone. Consumers can now search the web, check for the best prices, download a coupon, and complete the transaction all from the mobile smart phone. However, the greater promise of mobile commerce is in helping a mobile consumer use their phones to move transactions from online to offline spending in brick and mortar stores, where 85% of consumer purchases still take place. Unfortunately, today’s smart phones lack a reliable, proven and universal method to interact with the point-of-sale systems in place today. MoBeam Inc. applies its patented technology to solve for the failure of mobile phones at brick-and-mortar retail point of sale systems. By transforming the consumer-retail interaction experience, MoBeam creates multiple layers of value across the entire consumer products and retail industry, with clear benefits to both consumers and retailers.

Mobile Insight -
Many companies struggle to find a way to make their field teams more accountable. Mobile Insight is the solution to that problem. The product combines a custom mobile application for teams in the field, with a secure web-based portal for management analysis and functionality. It further uses GPS-based geo-fencing technology to stamp location and time on-site to ensure visit compliance. This equates to true real-time reporting and accountability unlike any other system available for field management. In this session, we’ll discuss how to use this tool to maximize productivity and efficiency within field teams.

MooFwd -
MooFwd offers companies a simple way to create and deploy enterprise-class service-oriented mobile applications for nearly any mobile device through the intuitive mashup of disparate services. The Moofwd Convergence Platform intelligently converges multiple services and data sources helping companies to take their business operations mobile while leveraging their existing IT investments and device environments. Founded in 2009, MooFwd is backed by Orion Systems Integrators, Inc.

Private Planet -
Private Planet provides personal cloud computing platforms, enabling mobile / telecom operators to provide an operator-branded personal cloud platform and mobile device software to their subscribers. Private Planet has recently introduced their new personal cloud computing platform and personal productivity service suite. Cloud-assisted services have been developed for iPhone, Blackberry, MeeGo and other device platforms, enabling services such as cloud-assisted printing from iPhone and BlackBerry, cloud-assisted data manipulation, remote PC disk browsing and PIM service synchronisation. Private Planet products include cloud-based personal data storage, cloud-based communications and cloud-based applications running in an open personal server environment. The architecture allows users to share their content in a peer-to-peer-fashion with other users 24/7 from their cloud computers.

SmrtGuard Mobile Security -
SmrtGuard Mobile Security is a product that offers a suite of features that secures the mobile life of every day smartphone users. One of the SmrtGuard features, App Transparency, empowers smartphone users to better manage their privacy by providing insight into the permissions individual apps are requesting and how this might affect them and the use of their personal data. SmrtGuard helps smartphone users protect their privacy in a world of mobile applications, in addition to how the behavior of mobile users shapes SmrtGuard’s unique approach to privacy.

Spectrum Bridge -
Spectrum Bridge’s patented spectrum sharing and allocation solutions address the insatiable demand for wireless bandwidth. Our TV White Space initiatives (including globally deployed trial networks) have demonstrated that this newly unlicensed band is a viable means of addressing issues created by the exponential growth of mobile technology. We have also answered industry demand for licensed spectrum by establishing an online secondary marketplace called Our database-driven cognitive networking technology allows us to achieve our vision of redefining the way in which spectrum is accessed, allocated, and utilized throughout the wireless industry.

Speedbump -
In 2009, more than 350,000 teenage drivers and passengers sustained injuries that required treatment in a hospital emergency room.Almost 4,000 never came home.The 18 million teen drivers in the US account for approximately $25 billion of the total costs of motor vehicle injuries. For less than $10 a month, Speedbump™ lets parents harness the power of Mobile Apps. and Cloud Computing to prevent teen driving fatalities. Learn more about our patent pending solutions at

Tektelic -
One of the smallest and most advanced LTE Micro Base stations, designed to support 4Tx and 4Rx, 20MHz BW, and 2W Tx power on each Tx path. Its PHY and MAC has sufficient resources to support the same capacity and throughput as a Macro Base station over the same 20MHz BW. The Micro Base station is wide range AC powered, operates from -40C to +55C temperature range and outdoor environment. Its prototype volume envelope is under 17 liters and the final product expected to meet volume envelope of 13 liters.

The Dealmap -
Recently named a Top 10 App of 2010 by the Wall Street Journal, The Dealmap’s apps are changing the way people shop locally from mobile devices. The Dealmap gives mobile users the most comprehensive view of nearby local deals, and are the first apps to aggregate daily deals from nearly 200 sources, all in one place. The Dealmap lets people easily view over 400,000 nearby deals on a map or list, and enables consumers and businesses to easily submit and share deals. The Dealmap apps are available on iPhone and Android devices and have been installed by over 675,000 people.

Validas -
Validas® provides consumers, businesses and government agencies with a simple, secure online service that cuts bottom line wireless costs by an average of 20 to 40 percent.  Founded by wireless industry experts, Validas eliminates wireless billing and rate plan confusion to improve customer care for wireless users.  The on-demand software platform leverages patented algorithms, processes and PDF scanning capabilities to deliver powerful business intelligence in seconds.  

ViralMesh -
ViralMesh's Mobilizer mobile enables current web applications in an interactive and visual manner. Implementations available on Business Process Modeling(BPM), Oracle CRM and IBM Cognos. Data from execl spread sheets, web services and existing html can be mobile enabled. Mobile client is optimized for Tablets with Disconnected mode capabilities.

xG Technology -
xG has developed xMax, the world's first commercial carrier-class cognitive radio network solution. xMax has been optimized to operate in unlicensed spectrum, and includes a complete ecosystem of base stations, mobile switching centers, handsets and network tools. xMax incorporates xG's patented technologies to deliver the first fully mobile VoIP network that offers an end-to-end IP infrastructure, excellent quality of service and low latency. Launching (this week) in a U.S. Army wireless deployment, xMax leverages underutilized spectrum to provide operators additional mobile capacity, and also removes spectrum barriers for emerging carriers, defense agencies, rural telecom firms, public safety organizations and utilities.

Yap -
There is a steady drumbeat of pundits predicting voice communications will give way to text-based forms of interactions (e.g., SMS, Facebook, Twitter). In fact, data from CTIA seems to support this assertion. However, Yap will show data from its voicemail-to-text and voice-to-text based messaging apps indicating that speaking on your phone is alive and well... and growing! The reason is due to the new user experiences that are now possible using high accuracy voice-to-text technologies. Demos will be provided.

Other Telecom Council Showcases:

The Telecom Council has another upcoming showcase at TIA2011, in Dallas, May 22-24. More information on this showcase is available here:


The International CTIA WIRELESS show is a premier wireless event representing a $1 trillion global marketplace that brings together wireless and converged communications, wireless broadband, mobile web. Full details online at

Show Facts:

  • Attendance and international participation up 20% from 2009 to 2010 - visiting over 125 countries
  • Attracts more than 1,100 press and analysts worldwide