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The Telecom Council of Silicon Valley is proud to present the Innovation Showcase at CTIA 2013, held May 21-23, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada. This Showcase will ensure that CTIA attendees leave the show having seen new products, tried new services, heard new ideas, and met new companies that are pushing the envelope of the wireless industry.

20 early-stage companies were chosen to be highlighted in the showcase from 100s of applications by a panel of Telecom Council member judges. Companies selected to be included were judged on standard Telecom Council criteria - innovation, momentum, viability, and management.

Join us at the Exhibit Innovations Stage in CTIA World on the show floor to catch the showcasing companies demo live on stage May 21st, 3:30-5pm, and May 22nd, 12:00-3:30pm, and stop by the pavilion to see first-hand, the innovations the Council members deemed as worthy of being showcased:

Stop by to see these new innovations:

Adaptext- KeyPoint Technologies UK -
Adaptxt is an enhanced keyboard for smartphones and tablets that uses artificial intelligence, natural language algorithms, specialized dictionaries and more than 70 languages to provide word suggestions intuitively and fast, simplifying and enhancing productivity vs. stock keyboards. It ”learns” style and context from sources like Facebook, Twitter and contacts. It enables seamless language switching. And it provides the most personalization options, allowing users to change font colors, backgrounds, add photographs, and modify key shapes. The company that makes Adaptxt is a global linguistics innovator on the forefront of human-device interaction. It works with large OEMs and sells directly to consumers.

AirPatrol Corporation. -
Based in Columbia, Maryland, AirPatrol is internationally known for its suite of location-based security systems that identify, monitor and manage mobile devices on wireless and cellular networks. AirPatrol mobile security products can determine specific device compliance with security policies and actively enforce policies by limiting or modifying a device's capabilities while it is within the secured zone. AirPatrol customers include large three letter agencies, military, government, major enterprises and other organizations.

BEEcube Inc. -
BEEcube's All Programmable Platforms are the fastest and most advanced approach to R&D for wired, wireless and military communications. They are used for algorithm exploration with Matlab, real time prototyping, and deployable working solutions. BEEcube offers commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) technology based on FPGAs, digital and analog interfaces, and coding and debugging tools; and includes rack servers, ATCA blades and mixed-signal cards for LTE-Advanced, WLAN, E-band radio, radar and SDR.

Devicescape -
Devicescape redefines the "always best connected" mobile experience, going beyond Wi-Fi Offload to uniquely combine intelligent network selection with the world's largest curated virtual network of high-quality Wi-Fi hotspots. For mobile operators this carrier-grade service delivers an overnight, cost effective step change in network capacity-reach that doubles customer lifetime value (CLV) through elevated customer satisfaction, powerful new data management solutions, and Wi-Fi service generation. For end users the Devicescape solution means a curated mobile experience that features simpler access, faster speeds, and more data consumed at less cost.

Guavus - Founded in February 2006, Guavus has been built from the ground up to unlock the value of operational, sensor and network-generated Big Data to reduce the economic and technology risk associated with deploying a traditional business intelligence solution. Guavus's Big Data analytics solutions, which are based on pioneering patent-pending technology, include an end-to-end data fabric integrated with a suite of analytics applications that enable intelligent and timely decision-making for network operations, marketing, customer care and monetization. The applications contain contextually aware insights that trigger business processes at the exact moment of need. Two of the top three mobile operators and backbone carriers in the United States, and two of the top three mobile carriers in Canada utilize Guavus Big Data analytics solutions to control costs, maximize profits and deliver an enhanced customer experience.

Kimera Systems -
The financial value of devices and networks are moving away from the 'fixed-price' model and towards monetizing on-going 'value creation.' In today's paradigm a few powerful companies control the majority of the value creation, limiting the ability of OEMs and network operators to monetize devices. With Kimera Systems' intelligence technology, devices and networks will have the ability to understand the user and connect to software services directly, eventually bypassing app stores, social platforms, ad networks, etc. This allows OEMs and network providers to be in a position where they not just understand value creation, but can also monetize value creation.

M2catalyst -
M2Catalyst, LLC. is a mobile app development and solutions company that has developed M2AppMonitor Carrier Edition, a sophisticated and comprehensive app management tool. M2AppMonitor is an all-in-one mobile application that monitors all of the apps on a user's device to keep track of app behavior and inform users of potential efficiency and behavioral issues. The app enables the average consumer to monitor ten key app performance metrics. These include Resource Alerts, such as battery, data, and memory usage, as well as CPU processing and storage space, Stability Alerts, such as update frequency and crashes, and Access Alerts, such as extensive permission requests, analytics agent tracking, and excessive notification use. The M2AppMonitor client also transmits the data on app behavior to the carriers, building a massive database of app quality information for recommendation engines and tech support alerts, which helps to reduce both tech support calls and device returns. M2AppMonitor Carrier Edition is unique in that it monitors nearly every available metric that could be of importance to both carriers and users. It goes above and beyond what other mobile apps are providing and specifically collects information in order to keep track of app efficiency, helping to improve the mobile experience.

NetMotion -
Locality is the first network performance management software developed specifically for cellular networks. Residing on a mobile device, it collects information on signal quality, location, and usage, and aggregates that data into reports organizations can use to troubleshoot connectivity issues, compare carriers, track devices, evaluate technologies and more. Over 60 organizations use Locality’s data to optimize their mobile deployments. “Before Locality, we did our best to troubleshoot issues by asking officers to describe their symptoms,” said Albert Gauthier, Oregon State Police. “[Now we have] real empirical data for bandwidths, real time access to connectivity data, device inventory information and more.”

one2touch - is an award winning Norwegian based company that has developed the world’s first NFC keyboard for smartphones (see video below). These keyboards are currently sold in partnership with leading retailers and mobile operators in Japan and Norway. We believe these Touch&Type keyboard’s can strengthen the value of use together with smartphones. People on the move will have improved utilization of their smartphones substituting their laptops/tablets. Today we mostly consume information on smartphones. With Touch&Type keyboard, users can easily produce info and be more efficient. Here is a video clip of the keyboard.

ParStream -
ParStream is the creator of a revolutionary high-performance analytical database system especially targeted at solving Big Data challenges. The ParStream technology is capable of massive parallel processing, has been configured and optimized for large amounts of data at rest and in motion, and employs new indexing methods to achieve real-time query response times. ParStream has operations in Silicon Valley, USA and Cologne, Germany. The company is funded by Khosla Ventures and other institutional and angel investors and has won numerous awards, including Red Herring Top 100 Europe 2013 and Gartner Cool Vendor. For more information, please visit

Pervasive Group Inc.
Pervasive Group's MMGuardian applications provide the best in class mobile parental control and family safety and security for smartphones and mobile devices. MMGuardian combines text-based remote control with monitoring analytics; enabling parents to locate their child, prevent texting and driving, lock their child’s device set device time limits, monitor inappropriate texts, and block or time limit app usage and unwanted callers. MMGuardian has seen strong user adoption and feedback, including 53,000 downloads, a category-leading 4.0 star rating on Google Play with over 200 5-star ratings, and a 40% active user retention rate on the newest MMGuardian releases.

Range Networks -
There are 2.5 billion people in the world today without access to cellular service. With the conversion from legacy telco protocols to IP, the opportunities for LBS and Cloud Services are endless. Until now making the jump to an IP network was costly and complicated, with lengthy installation timelines as well as high maintenance and support costs, often out of reach for tier 2 and tier 3 carriers. Learn how the co-creator of OpenBTS is enabling remote and rural areas to participate in a cellular network with case studies on the successful implementation of cellular networks from around the world.

RF Window Global, Inc. -
RF Window developed the World's first digital noise cancellation technology for repeaters. The outstanding ICS technology of RF Window has enhanced the signal transmission. Unlike existing RF repeaters, the ICS Repeater operates well in providing a high output power service without oscillation. It can also provide an indoor service without using an extra antenna set by using an ultra small size repeater with the antenna embedded.

SkyMessage -
Sky Message is today's standard customer lifecycle solution for Carriers. Sky message is a 100% hands-free, always on system that communicates with individual subscribers based on their device, plan, service and features. Sky Message has been developed to slow down churn and help raise ARPU through ongoing lifecycle designed engagement with subscribers from point of sale throughout the life of their contract. All Sky Message templates have been specifically designed according to industry standards and best practices.

Wialus Solutions Limited - wiVolo -
wiVolo is an advanced data management and spatial visualisation application for the telecommunications industry. wiVolo's raster, vector and heatmap rendering modes combined with animated playback, uncover trends and identify opportunities for network optimisation and expansion like never seen before. Rapid loading 3D fly through views of coverage are available when viewed in Google Earth. wiVolo supports real time coverage updates using alarm feeds, spatial playback of performance KPIs and display network asset information, scaleable to support the largest of networks. Browser delivered, wiVolo's ease of access facilitates collaboration and is suitable for use by everyone, from CSRs to senior management.

Wireless Expressways -
WE's new technology satisfies a long-existing and growing need for predictable and efficient indoor wireless networks. WE is the first to offer cost-effective, waveguide-based wireless signal distribution for Wi-Fi, cell, and more. WE's waveguide backbones "short-circuit" losses between signal source(s) and client areas. Losses normally encountered in walls and clutter are bypassed by placing a super-efficient,(essentially lossless) plenum-rated WE waveguide above these signal absorbers and reflectors. User areas are completely illuminated with full-strength signals over wide areas. Signals to and from users are preserved, not wasted. "Guess and Try" now becomes "Desk Design, then Install." "Design Anxiety" is eliminated.

WIT Software - RCS Clients -
WIT presents its newest RCS 5.1 (blackbird) applications for mobile, tablets, Web, PC and TV. WIT Software has a leading End to End RCS solution, including an App Server and a wide range of clients. WIT Software also has done Interoperability testing with all leading IMS Vendors, RCS App Servers and clients. With existing deployments in several countries, WIT Software presents a new User Interface for its mobile and tablet clients and an enhanced feature set. With WIT RCS Solution operators can have a fast time to market implementation, with low risk and at a competitive price.

CTIA is All Things Mobile. Now with new dates in May, International CTIA WIRELESS is even better positioned to meet the needs of the global wireless marketplace.

This bold move is more than a change of dates. It is the best opportunity to create a more personalized, powerful experience at the one place for carrier services, enterprise, communications, apps, content and social networking.

The International CTIA WIRELESS show...
Register now to join us at CTIA 2013 in Las Vegas, May 21-23 at Sands Expo & Convention Center!